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    In this romantic feature, sexy banter reigns when a burnt-out rock star takes the biggest chance of his life by concealing his identity from the woman he loves.

    When a successful, California businesswoman meets a famous rock star in a moonlit encounter on the beach, she does not recognize him. Dave is a cocky, charming joker. Amber prefers more conventional men. Things really start to steam up when they bet on who can keep their lust under control the longest. Since they’re keeping the relationship out of the bedroom, they end up talking and really getting to know each other. Amber discovers how to relax and to let go of her problems, while Dave discovers there are better ways to enjoy himself than a steady diet of the party scene. The rest of their time is spent in attempts to seduce each other in a variety of romantic settings.

    “Catch a Falling Star” is a low-budget romantic feature set in California. There are two major characters, two minor characters, and a number of extras, some with speaking roles. A rock singer is required for this role, along with three backup members of the band with a minimal role. The majority of the action takes place in two beach houses on the coast and on the beach. Other scenes include a recording studio, a sea lion-viewing overlook, driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, a clothing boutique, a music store, two house parties, and an apartment. Two original songs, music and lyrics, are attached to this production. The script is based on my novel, Catch a Falling Star.
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    L A Morgan
    Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music