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    COLOR MY WORLD- by Martin Jagodzinski

    Romantic Comedy

    WGAE REG# I215997

    THEME – Balancing parental, marital and work responsibilities while avoiding temptations.

    LOG LINE - A married couple work on their failing marriage, while the husband is chased by an old college flame at work who bets she can land him.

    SYNOPSIS – Patrick and Tonya have been married sixteen years. In their mid to late thirties with three kids and two busy careers working opposite shifts, they have worked hard for what they have. Lately, things have been getting harder.

    The demands placed on both of them have caused them to lose focus on their marriage, causing tension between them. They never see each other, and when they do, they fight constantly. Their once strong bond is deteriorating, and they must take action to strengthen it.

    They learn to focus on each other, reconnect and address their ongoing marital problems. Patrick misses the relationship he once had with Tonya, and feels her decision to go back to work takes away from the family (and his) needs. Tonya has self identity issues, while resenting Patrick for not respecting her decision to start her own business after putting her own life on hold to raise the children.

    Patrick's sensual college flame Catherine walks back into his life as a consultant at his job. Having severe money troubles, she makes a bet with Patrick's office co-workers that she can land him, and must get video proof. She is desperate and conniving, and will do anything to win. Catherine schemes and slowly seduces Patrick, who knows what is happening is wrong, but he can't resist his attraction to her.
    After firing his friend for violating the office “no dating” policy, it becomes clear to Patrick that he is walking the same line. He makes a renewed commitment to work on his marriage, as does Tonya. As the re-connection between Patrick and Tonya forms, Catherine keeps up the pressure. Unfortunately for Patrick, Catherine is relentless and always gets what she wants.

    While at a party, Tonya and Catherine finally meet. Tonya can see how they are together, and it is clear to her why Patrick never told her about Catherine. After a fight on the way home, Catherine goes to Patrick to talk. She again seduces the intoxicated Patrick, who initially gives in. Catherine gets the encounter on video, now has her proof.

    Catherine takes the video proof to the office, shows it to the office girls and gets her money. Gossip spreads through the office, jeopardizing Patrick’s job. Tonya finds out about the video, but also knows when her husband is lying, and believes him when he tells her nothing happened. Tonya confronts Catherine, obtaining the un-doctored video showing Patrick stopped short of sleeping with Catherine, confessing his love for his family. Catherine altered the video to win the bet for financial gain. Tonya presents the real video to Patrick’s boss in time to be spared.

    In the end, Patrick resigns his position, realizing that the company he gave many years for wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt, as Tonya did. Patrick goes to work with Tonya at her business. Catherine gets fired from her next assignment, as an explicit video of her surfaces (with the help of Patrick’s co-workers). Patrick and Tonya have found a way to again color their world, realizing that life is hard. Marriage is harder.

    Script price - 2% of budget or Writer's Guild Minimum agreement.color1PAGE.pdf