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    In one night of imaginative fantasy, Jess proves that he’s the most romantic man in the world.

    “And Maybe Romance” is a feature length, micro budget romantic comedy (the script is 89 pages). The original theme song is attached to this project. It’s a jazz number with music and lyrics. The entire story takes place in one apartment. There are two major characters and a few extras. This work can be produced on a very small budget. I am a screenwriter and not a producer, so I cannot say how much this will cost to produce. I am negotiable on payment and/or rights, and open to union and non-union. I am not a union member. The story is full of snappy banter. In order to create other scenes within the apartment, articles in the living room are rearranged to create the romantic mood.

    On Penny’s birthday, all of her friends desert her except for Jess, her old buddy since high school. She has always thought of him as a comedian and a ladies’ man. Penny refuses to go out with him for the evening, so Jess is forced to improvise on his romantic scheme in her apartment. When Jess tells her he’s going to prove he’s the most romantic man in the world, she takes him up on the challenge. You might want to share his techniques with someone who needs help in the romance department.

    Contact: Lamorganwriter[at]
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    Thanks for posting one of your script here, this allowed me to notice that "Related Topics" should not be in this section, so now there will be no "Related Topics" in your script area :)
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