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Re the Peek-A-Boo TV and Movie concept - more details

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  • Short Re the Peek-A-Boo TV and Movie concept - more details

    Hi All. Following from my original post, here is the outlined concept for the series;
    Peek-A-Boo concept;

    The idea is to develop a branded ghost / horror series with stories that can be any length but contain similar features (e.g. narration / production style).

    The series is aimed at the ghost / horror market with a variety of short stories in a ‘sketch show’ format. (Think ‘Inside no. 9’ but with a mix of shorter & longer stories rather than 1 x 30 minute story per episode).

    The episodes would be of a given length, ideally 1 hour, developed as a post 9pm / late night TV series. I’ve written 6 x 1 hour episodes to date. That said, once the Peek-A-Boo stories could be tailored to fit any available schedule slot, from 4 minutes upwards. Also, there is the opportunity for Peek-A-Boo branded movies and 2 hour specials.

    A typical episode would have 6 stories of different types and lengths. There would be 1 or 2 feature stories (30 / 20 minutes or thereabouts) the remainder being made up of flash shorts. The stories would be a mix of ghost / horror / comedy horror / sci-fi.

    Some episodes could be all shorts or one single episode (e.g. Apollyon Hal - a feature length low budget horror chillerl)

    Each story would be separated by a ‘peek-a-boo’ short shocker lasting a few seconds as brand enhancement. I would envisage about 10 different versions, mixed and repeated, linking the stories in each episode. I can send you a set of ideas for these if you like.

    Most episodes would have a narrator adding to the story element. This allows a lot of background info, thoughts etc. to be imparted, making it easier to pack the story into a shorter slot.

    The series should be aimed at the US as well as the UK broadcasters. There is a thirst for horror in shorter bites. Also, horror humour should be a big part of the series.

    There are spin off opportunities. E.G. any writer could be used. The short story market is massive and any writer’s material can be adapted. Also, there could be ‘new writer’ editions and competitions to writers (as per the BBC’s ‘It’s My Shout.’ Themed episodes could be made – e.g. Halloween, Thanksgiving, hotel themed stories, holiday themed stories, etc.

    I've added an episode FYI that contains a mix of stories, durations and budgets.

    If anyone needs more just let me know.


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