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  • Feature Script For Sale. Stew

    Hello My Name is Scott Berry. I am 43 years old. I have written Horror Script Titled Stew. It has been accepted to several Film festivals such as, Fright Night Film Fest 2013 and 2014. Fantasmagorical Film festival in 2015. I would like to sell the script for $3000. I would also like credit for the writing.

    Log line. When Stew was a child he witnessed his mother die by the hands of his school teacher. Now 30 years later. Stew will get Revenge for his mothers death and kill anyone who stands in his way.

    Synopsis: Stew in a grown man now and decides to go after the teacher that killed his mother and got away with it. Stew takes a job at the School where the man that killed his mother is now the principal. Waiting for the right chance to extract his revenge.

    The story will take place in several locations and could be made on a very modest budget.

    Here is part of the feedback we got from the competition.

    You have written a great script. Straight up, it entertained me from the get go. You put your foot on a readerís jugular and donít ease up. Fantastic job. From the moment we meet Stew, we canít but help but be drawn into his sick, twisted world. Heís quite a character and a challenging one for an actor looking for a challenging vehicle. From the memorable first scene of him killing two innocent people, Stew is not a character you can easily forget, and for good reason.

    As nasty as Stew is, he is a character we care about and share the journey with. Not to be taken lightly. I could picture every killing; I could see how his mind worked. Well done. There is great tension and drama in a lot of the scenes, especially when Stew meets Detective Romero. You can tell and feel they despise each other. Some great dialogue also makes this an engaging read.
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    One question out of curiousity: how does a script get into a filmfestival?


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      Alot of the film festivals accept scripts. I just look and submit them for exposure. Most will even send feedback.


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        I like your script, Scott Berry.
        I also write scripts, but I write them for free.