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  • Feature Script for Sale: The Salesman

    TITLE: The Salesman

    Logline: A group of people are trapped in a bar with a bible salesman who may or may not be the Devil.

    Synopsis: During a massive storm in the middle of the desert, a young couple driving cross country take solace at a nearby bar where they are forced to wait out the weather. A bible salesman who claims to be the Devil also comes in out of the rain and makes these eight, seemingly random patrons a single offer if they wish to survive the night: he says that two of the people in this bar are very much in love... and he is not going anywhere until one of them kills the other.

    Price is 10% of budget or negotiable.

    The script is confined with virtually one location, the only other locations that briefly appear being the highway and the exterior of the bar. It is written to be produced on a very limited budget, so it could easily be filmed everywhere from a few thousand to $50,000 or more, depending on the needs/resources of parties interested in producing the feature.

    As for a little about myself, my name is Nathaniel Brehmer, I am a content writer for and have had fiction published in Dark Gothic, Sanitarium Magazine, Bloodbond, HelloHorror, The Sandy River Review as well as the anthologies Legends: True Stories from a Friend of a Friend and Occult Detective Monster Hunter. I have had one short script produced on a $5000 budget and have had another feature optioned. You can reach me at nbrehmer (at)
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    How many pages is the script? Is this a short or a feature film?


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      It's a feature film, 80 pages in length.