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    I have written a horror script called Pray For Your Souls that can be produced on a low budget.


    While celebrating their ten-year high school reunion, two couples are stalked by the vengeful spirit of a murdered former classmate.


    Two married couples celebrate their ten-year high school reunion. Acting on a whim, the drunken revelers leave and go to their old high school building, now abandoned. After getting trapped inside, the four become the targets of the ghost of LOUISE, a former classmate whom was murdered by her father.

    As Louise begins to kill off the foursome, one of them - CAL - confesses to the others that he participated in a gang rape of Louise all those years ago. But Louise was left with a deadly memento far more shattering than the scars of rape - Cal's unborn child which is ready to exact revenge of its own.

    Link to script:

    My screenplays LOUISE and PERSONAL SPACE were selected as runners-up in the 2012 Midnight Black Screenplay Contest. My script BARBER SHOP MADNESS was recently optioned by Farnaz Samii Productions. I've also optioned several shorts including HOOKER and THE PERILS OF SEXTING to Dwayne Tarver, EASY WAY STREET to Tyler Graber, and NSFL which was filmed just a few weeks ago by Seeing Eye Films.

    If you're interested in reading my script just e-mail me at rhonnief[at]

    Thank you for your time.

    Rhonnie Fordham
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    Coll stuff man, goodluck with everything!