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    I started this script earlier today and I'm wondering if this prologue sounds any good. I don't really know how to write a script "correctly", I don't even know if there is a correct way. Anywho, this script is titled "Fear the Reapers" (Named after "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult) and I won't reveal too much, other then it's centers around a wedding, and there are four killers. This is in general a slasher movie, but it also combines home invasion elements along with psychological. The script will indeed go through changes as time runs along, but for now this is it. So if you please, give your thoughts on the intro and if you need better explaining on some things (I did write this in a way I can understand it.) This script I hope is my first feature film and is a success. I want to direct it and if I could, score it. (I really want a lot of tracks similar to some themes from Carpenter's "The Thing" or Gravity (The score for that movie was superb!) I hope you like this- Eric.

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    Fear the Reapers Intro.pdf
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    Any change you can save the file as a PDF? The .txt file is to difficult to read.
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      It's a PDF now, I hope you like the intro


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        Hi Eric, there definitely is a correct way (with exceptions) and a wrong way to write a script. Scripts that are formatted wrong is a tell sign that the person is not a professional and gives the reader reservation about reading or even understanding the script. Chances are the script would discarded immediately.

        I would recommend purchasing or downloading a free scriptwriting software. There are some good programs out there. Starting out I used Celtx and I haven't used too much of any other programs. I personally I like it even though it isn't compatible with the scheduling and budgeting I have. But that's the program I'm comfortable with and I believe it's still free to download.

        I attached a screenwriting guidebook I had in my files. I hope it helps.



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          Look up Blake Snyder and/or Robert Mckee, 2 screenwriting theory heavyweights. The knowledge you can gain from what they have to offer aspiring writers (and also filmmakers) is priceless.