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    Title: Island of The Lost

    Logline: When a chance to explore the 'Bermuda Triangle' of islands comes up, Seward Vaughn and her team of researchers fly off to Western Australia in search of Bokhia, an island in the Indian Ocean not found on any map, and where people seem to go missing forever.
    Synopsis: Several couples go missing off the coast of Western Australia. Seward Vaughn, Charles Hoff, Daniel Prentiss, Josiah Turner, Kearney Gable, Peter Lo, and Wanda Moore work for Kaplan Expeditions and Research, an outfit that sends teams of researchers to various parts of the world.
    Their team fly to Australia in search of Bokhia, an island in the Indian Ocean discovered and written about by Dr. Ralph Bokhi, but which isn't found on any published maps and which lies largely undiscovered. Seward is certain that the key to the missing couples will be found on the island.
    With help from Aussies Ben Long and Mikayla Dunney, the Americans find Bokhia or what they believe is the 'lost island' and fly in by helicopter. The nine people hike from the sliver of beach into the jungle, where they set up camp in a small clearing.
    The following day, half the team hike out in search of any villages, and come across a small settlement that is entirely devoid of human life. They do discover, on the other hand, several articles of clothing and other items that belong to the missing couples.
    Meanwhile, those left back at the camp must fight off a wild boar that savagely attacks, tearing up the tents; the manage to kill the boar and repair the tents, but morale is very low at this point. Peter, Wanda, and Kearney beg to be removed from the expedition and taken back to Perth. Seward reluctantly agrees. She is highly upset but the next morning, the three take their leave.
    However, they do not make it to the beach where the helicopter from Heavenly Expeditions is set to pick them up. Instead, Peter, Kearney, and Wanda are lost. And on the island of Bokhia, it does not bode well when one is lost. The trio are set upon by islanders, who give chase when the three try to run. But while the island is not so large, it is in the middle of the Indian Ocean and there is no way to escape except by air or sea.
    The remaining team members are split up when the fellows go off to find out who screamed and why. They are concerned for the three that left. Mikayla and Seward are left to their own devices. Within minutes, they are running for their lives for the islanders are on the loose, in need of more sacrifices for their idols. How will the team members escape from an island hardly anyone else has heard of or even know about, with blood-thirsty islanders after them and no way to get off this bit of land?[at]

    Lost Island 10 Pages.pdf

    WGA registered. I will accept $1000 upfront plus a share of the profits in perpetuity.