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    Title: Gypsy Gorge

    Logline: A weekend in the mountains turns out to be an experience in supernatural terror rather than fun and relaxation.

    Synopsis: Five friends – Baptiste, Connie, Enrique, Lynda, and Adair – head up into the mountains to an area known as Gypsy Gorge.[at]
    As they settle down inside the cabin, a young woman appears, desperately in need of aid. They try to help her as much as possible, but after the stranger is offered tea and warm blankets, she goes berserk and leaps from a window – but first attacking Enrique and Baptiste. After they’ve calmed down, the five friends go to bed.[at]
    However, Connie grows more frightened by the second and begs Enrique to drive her to the nearest town; then Enrique begins to sicken due to the bite that strange woman gave him earlier. Enrique transforms into a terrifying creature and starts attacking his friends mercilessly. Before an hour has passed, Baptiste and Adair are racing through the woods for their lives, joined by couple Ryan and Sheri, whose vehicle had stopped on the roadside.[at]
    Enrique, Lynda, and Connie come after them, cornering the four young people in a cabin owned by a Romani man and wife, Gustavo and Angelita, who try to help the outsiders. The spirit of a raped girl seeks revenge through Martiya, the Romani Angel of Death. It doesn't matter who, so long as they are Gadje – non Romani.
    Gustavo and Angelita must aid the Gadje in staying alive until dawn, when Martiya returns to the netherworld and all is safe in Gypsy Gorge once more – for another year at least.

    Gypsy Gorge 10 Pages.pdf.pdf

    WGA registered. I will accept $1000 upfront plus a share of the profits in perpetuity.

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    I've been working for a Romani pride production company for over a year and I find it ridiculous how acceptable people find it to make films about the Romani people that would be horribly offensive with any other ethnic group. The Romani culture almost never gets portrayed in a positive light in the media. The horror genre is one of the biggest culprits of perpetuating negative Romani stereotypes.

    How well do you think a film called Coon Canyon about a black ghost that only infests white people would be received by the general public?