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    Title: Blood Money
    Logline: When criminal-minded treasure hunters come across a team of paranormal investigators and force them into a cruel game of torture, the grad students discover that there are far more terrifying things in the woods than ghosts.

    Synopsis: Seven grad students, with Dillon Foster and wife Hope leading them, are working on a documentary about hauntings in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, and head out to Clara County to complete investigation of the Tutwiler House, which is reputed to be haunted.

    Meanwhile, three treasure hunters, most of them criminal, named Wylie Jacobs, Gunnar Locke, and Tim Otis, along with their two hard-nosed female accomplices, are lurking about in the same woods the students are camping in. Tim is a ‘surprise’ sprung on Kelly Moran and Crystal Page by their boyfriends. Kelly dislikes Tim on sight and makes no secret of it. Tim enjoys pissing Kelly off with his rude behavior and creepy looks.

    The money seekers and students meet, and from there the paranormal research turns into a horrifying game as the fortune hunters tease the students with questions they are forced into answering - and they had better not lie - or they will more quickly die. Tim is especially menacing and enjoys provoking Dillon and Troy Haskins, whose girlfriend Staci Webster makes an attempt to escape with Cecibel Vargas. Staci, however, is caught - though Cecibel manages to get lost - and is punished severely.[at]

    When Troy and Dillon try to escape, the money seekers lose their collective heads and start murdering the coeds one by one...though Tim manages to violate most of the females before dispatching them on the spot.[at]

    Alyssa Vulpini attempts to bribe the fortune hunters into letting them go. But Kelly, Crystal, and the treasure seekers laugh at her - it has come down to one truth by this time; only the students and the money hunters know what has happened, and if one group is dead, the other group will never be found out.

    Yet events don't turn out the way the fortune seekers plan - and when a weapon is in the hands of someone they least expect, before the dawn breaks there is only one person left standing; and this person turns out to be the most vicious killer of all.

    Blood Money 10 Pages.pdf
    WGA registered. I will accept $1000 upfront plus a share of the profits in perpetuity.