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My Brother's Keeper, psychological horror film

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  • Feature My Brother's Keeper, psychological horror film

    LOGLINE: Inspired by true events, an overly-possessive spirit threatens the livelihood and well-being of an insurance executive when the host botches the attempted exorcism.

    My Brotherís Keeper is a story that centers an unusual relationship between two brothers and an evil spirit. The story begins when a young Robert Dooling witnesses the dispelling of a demon from a woman. Desperate for a new susceptible host the demon latches onto the unexpecting preadolescence Robert for refuge.

    While observing Robert, the demon becomes fascinated with the relationship Robert shares with his younger brother and takes the form of a little boy named Bobby in hopes of gaining Robertís admiration. When Robert reveals to Bobby that his brother is in fact his best friend Bobby devises a plan to divide the brothers and take the younger brotherís place.