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Dark Horror/Comedy "Half-Way House Massacre"

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  • Feature Dark Horror/Comedy "Half-Way House Massacre"


    My name is Jojo King. I've been writing for many years, mostly in the comic scene and I am trying to break into the film scene. I find that comics are much like movies so this seems to be a good choice for me.

    I'm willing to sell the script for as low as 5% of your film budget (regardless the budget) and writing credit. This film can be created with an extremely low budget and would be ideal for a filmmaker wanting a unique film that doesn't require a large amount of funds to create. All effects can be done without CGI. Limited locations, effects, and actors are used as well. The script is 85 pages.

    Jessicka, a troubled teen, is shipped off to a half-way house for beating her stepfather senseless after growing tired of him abusing her mom. Once there, Jessicka soon notices that this half-way house isn’t what it appears to be. Most of the trouble doesn’t come from the abusive reign of the house manager, or the immensely troubled youths, but from an unknown killer donning a Jesus mask. Has one of the other teens completely snapped? Is it the insane groundskeeper? The youth counselor? Or maybe even one of the religious nuts nearby has taken it upon themselves to “cleanse” the area? Jessicka better find out quick, or her new abode will become her tomb.

    This film has a dark vibe, but taking into account the setting, leaves a great opportunity to showcase eccentric characters that the viewer actually cares about and/or feels sorry for. The film is brutally paced, avoiding the pacing issues that plague many films of its ilk. It was written with a target audience in mind (the well established slasher, B-movie fans) so if you're looking for a fast paced, darkly/disturbingly funny, scary, low budget horror movie then look no further! Thank you all!

    NOTE: I realize there is no attachment to preview a script, I apologize for this inconvenience as my computer is having trouble uploading it to this site, but for anyone interested in this project, PM me or email me at jojokuk[at] and I will provide a 22-page sample script for you! Again, my apologies. Thanks again!

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    You need to add your sample pages here, or this post will be removed.
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      Still available!