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    I have written a thriller feature script called The Friendly Family that can be produced on a low budget.


    A teenage girl, BLAIR, moves back to the town where her murderous parents had killed innocent citizens years ago. Soon, several of her classmates and townspeople start turning up dead, leading everyone to believe that her father, who was never caught, has come back looking for her.


    In a vicious home invasion, a family is attacked by two notorious serial killers, Martha and Walter Friendly. The sadistic couple's young daughter Blair watches them as they murder the father, mother, and son in the family. The sole survivor of the attack, Judy, the daughter in the murdered family, gets her boyfriend to call the police. The authorities arrive in time to save her just as Walter finds her and slices her stomach. In a shootout, Martha is killed by the police while Walter manages to evade the cops by running into the rural woods that border the house. He hides out in an old cemetery while the cops look for him. Judy manages to survive the ordeal and the young and confused Blair is sent to a foster home.

    Twelve years pass, and the now-teenage Blair is moving with her foster parents back to the town where that home invasion had occurred. Her foster parents, Ivey and Sean, are worried about bringing their daughter back to that city, however, they got a great deal on a house in a new suburban neighborhood.

    Upon moving in, Blair starts to see her father around town. She is unsure if the visions are real or hallucinations and is confused on how to react to him. At the high school, she meets Monty and a mutual attraction is sparked between them. She also meets Nichole, a really popular girl, who invites Blair and Monty to one of her parties. Later that week, while Blair and Monty are at the party, the real estate agent who sold Ivey and Sean their house is murdered by Walter Friendly.

    More murders happen in the town including the deaths of several of the teenagers that Blair has met. She also starts to have strange visions of herself holding a knife and committing murders like her parents used to. She finally confesses to Monty about her true identity and who her real parents are. The news shocks him as he had always heard stories about the mystery of what happened to Walter and Martha's daugher.

    A few days later, Nichole invites Blair and Monty to another party at her place. After arriving at Nichole's house, Blair is nervous about the situation because of the few people that are at the party. Her and Monty go inside where Nichole and several of her friends angrily confront her. They tell her that Monty told them about who she really is and they believe that her dad has returned to the town and has murdered their friends while trying to find her. They want to know where Walter is. Blair is uneasy and says she does not know where he is. Nichole then slaps her in front of the vigilante posse.

    After being harassed by the group, Blair pulls a switchblade out from her pocket and stabs Nichole. She stabs Monty before she kills all of the people in the group. While Monty is dying, she kisses him before she plunges the switchblade into his heart. She leaves the house and walks to Ivey and Sean's home. She walks into their kitchen where she sees her father Walter Friendly tied to a chair. Ivey and Sean stand next to him, Ivey holding a gun and Sean holding a knife. Ivey tells Blair that she is Judy, the daughter who was sliced by Walter years ago. She has been wanting revenge for years and she knew that by bringing Blair back to the town where Walter was last seen that he would return to find her.

    Ivey tells Blair that she knows that Blair is the one who started killing people after the married couple caught Walter. Blair cries as Sean walks toward her and puts the knife to her. She takes her switchblade out of her pocket again and stabs Sean, killing him. She grabs his knife and hides behind a counter. Ivey fires shots at Blair and starts to run toward her before Walter sticks his leg out and trips her. She falls to the floor where Blair runs toward her and stabs her several times. Blair grabs Ivey's gun and shoots her at close range. Her father warmly looks at her as she unties him.

    Police sirens are heard outside as they escape from the house and run toward the nearby woods that surround the suburban neighborhood. Blair is worried whether or not they can make it. They come upon an old cemetery, the same one that Walter had gone to years earlier. The new suburban neighborhood had been built on the same land that the home invasion had occurred. Walter smiles at Blair and tells her not to worry.

    Link to script:

    I'm still looking to have my first script produced and gain experience in the film industry.

    If you are interested in reading my script just e-mail me at rhonnief[at]

    My screenplays Louise and Personal Space were selected as runners-up in the 2012 Midnight Black Screenplay Contest.

    My script Barber Shop Madness was recently optioned by Farnaz Samii Productions.

    Thank you for your time.

    Ronald Fordham
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