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  • Feature Frienemy

    Due to lack of interest this script is No Longer Available.

    Feature-length script, Frienemy for sale.

    Title: Frienemy
    Genre: Horror
    Budget: Ultra Low

    Asking Price: $1500.00 and a Based on the Screenplay of Jeff Thompson in the movie and on IMDb.
    $2500.00 and Full Rights are yours.
    College it is suppose to be the best years of your life not the last. Six friends find themselves fighting for their life over Winter Break. How well do you know your friends?


    How well do you know your friends?

    People come and people go
    like the oceans ebb and flow
    Their moods change like the season
    some without rhyme and reason
    The right one is worth the wait.
    just like finding your soulmate
    The wrong one will put a knife
    in your back causing you strife
    In the end true colors show
    careful who you get to know

    Frienemy follows 6 friends who are being hunted by a crazed killer. Who is hunting them and why? Will anyone survive?

    The full script is attached below for reading. I am negotiable on the price so feel free to contact me via my email at jsthompson79 [at] I also have a Facebook Fanpage already setup for the script. It is included in the sale price of the script.
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    This is a Script Marketplace, scripts are not up for discussion in these sections unless you are interested in purchasing the script.
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      Sorry. My bad.