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    I'm a writer based in the UK.
    I've written a script called DEATH VALLEY. A horror story which tells about a group of girls who are going on a 'girl-trip' to Furnace Creek. Instead, they enter enemy territory where a clan of mutant cannibal preys on anyone who crosses their path.

    LOGLINE: In the vein of 'The Hills have Eyes' and 'The Descent'.. Six girls face their worst nightmares when their 'girl trip' to Death Valley goes horribly wrong. Stranded in the desert, right in the middle of nowhere, they find themselves being hunted by something inhuman.

    SYNOPSIS: Six girls (former graduates) are planning to go on a 'girl-trip' to Death Valley, the lowest, hottest and driest area in North America. Only to find that the trip could be their last.

    Making the trip is Stephanie, the youngest of the group. Tulisa, a tough black girl with a bad attitude. Chloe, a blonde bombshell. Annika, a Japanese beauty as well as Chloe's lover. Meredith, a mild mannered babe. Nadie, a Native American with a heart of gold.

    All six girls plan to go on a trip which they will always remember, but never forget.

    As the trip gets off to a good start, not everything goes as according to plan. At the eatery, they get harassed by a group of male bullies hoping to take each one on a date.

    Later, they come across an old man who tells them about a group of mutant like creatures who have been going around taking people from various parts of the desert. The girls don't believe his story at first, but when the old man shows them the scars on his leg. The girls seems a little concerned but then feels as if this sort of incident will not deter them from their trip.

    They get into their RV and jeep and carry on with their trip towards Furnace Creek. as they do, they suddenly run into a row of spikes which takes out their tyres. The RV loses control and goes off road. The jeep manage to avoid the spikes unscathed. The girls jump out and realise they've got a problem. The tyres are flat. How are they going to continue with the trip?

    As darkness falls, the girls struggle to find out a way to get help. The battery goes flat and the phones don't work. Making matters worse, they begin to hear weird screams coming from the mountains and around them.

    Tulisa gets bored and retreats to the RV thinking that she'll never get over things. Chloe, the hot blonde decides to cheer her up. She strips off in front of her and seduces her just to get her 'in the mood'.

    The weird screams starts again as the girls realise that someone or something is out there. Watching them.. Watching their every single move. It soon turns for the worse as one by one the girls are picked off by some unseen creatures. The remaining girls now have to do what they can in order to survive another day without getting themselves killed..

    They decide to split into the two groups as two girls stay and looks after the RV and jeep. The others to go out and investigate where the weird screams are coming from.

    The other girls come across a cave situated not far from their base. They believe that something or someone is in there maybe responsible for the incidents that happened earlier.

    As they search around the cave, they soon learn that they are mutants that have been living in these cave for quite some time. Taking people from the highway and bringing them into the caves, not only to be mutilated and also have their body parts being eaten. The bones as well as car parts which they also have are used to be turned into their homemade weapons.. (bones and metal).

    As the mutant kill more girls, the last two remaining girls now have to fight for their lives in order to escape their bloody nightmare..

    I have the script available.

    Feel free to get in touch if you're interested..
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