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    I have written a ten page horror/thriller script called Newspaper Route that features few characters, limited locations, and that can be produced on a low budget.

    Logline: While doing a newspaper route, a young married couple are stalked by a mysterious car.


    Jean and Charles, jaded from having to do a newspaper route the past few months, find out that they have a new subscriber on their route. Though they are somewhat unnerved by the recent newspaper headlines about several local unsolved murders, the couple still go on the route that night, unaware that they are being followed by a mysterious silver vehicle.

    After noticing the headlights of the car following them through the dark, quiet night, Charles starts to become suspicious. While delivering newspapers to a closed, remote gas station, the menacing silver vehicle pulls up behind Jean and Charles. The frightened Jean notices that the couple inside the car are wearing pale masks and that the Woman is holding a knife.

    Scared of why the car is following them, Charles immediately starts speeding and turns onto a secluded dirt road. The stalking car follows him and just as it is about to hit Jean and Charles' vehicle, the car quickly passes them. Relieved of the incident being over, Jean notices that the road they are on is the road that the new subscribers live on. Charles sees the mailbox on the left and pulls toward it.

    Just as he rolls down his window and is about to put the newspaper in the mailbox, headlights quickly shine on the young couple. The mysterious silver car is parked in the driveway of the home. The Woman with the knife then violently starts to stab Charles with it while Jean watches in horror. After killing Charles, the murderer picks up the newspaper he dropped and looks at the headline. Jean, realizing the new subscribers are the at-large murderers, fearfully looks at the Woman as the Woman then looks at Jean while blood loudly drips from her knife.

    I am still looking to have my first script produced and gain experience in the film industry.

    My screenplays Louise and Personal Space were selected as runners-up in the 2012 Midnight Black International Festival screenplay contest.

    Just e-mail me at rhonnief[at] if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

    Ronald Fordham
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