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  • Feature Dragomir

    Logline: A vengeful vampire with Aids bitterly slaughters ladies of the night in retaliation, but one victim's boyfriend vows to destroy him.

    Synopsis: DRAGOMIR BREZEANU (30s) handsome, dark-haired, and a vampire, emerges from a street clinic in 1982, devastated because he has contracted the AIDS virus. He doesn’t take the news well and a three-year killing spree of streetwalkers and strippers ensues.
    DON GATES (40s), athletic, but frequently inebriated, former cop with a penchant for violence, and loose women, staggers to his car accompanied by BAMBI (20s) a native stripper/hooker. When he turns to her, she disappears to the sound of a loud flap. Atomised blood settles to the ground where she stood. Don looks for her, dazed and confused, but falls asleep later in a drunken stupor.
    At the police station the next morning, sergeant of detectives O’RILEY (50s) dismisses his story, sets it down to drink, forwards the file to “missing persons” later.
    CHARLOTTA (20s) a stripper at Donny’s favorite club NUMBER SEVEN LEMON, shares a drink with Dragomir. He scares her when he confesses he’s a vampire intent on killing “all bitches.” She screams for help.
    Dragomir flings The Lemon’s bouncers around the room like ping pong balls, escapes into the night.
    Charlotta hooks up with Donny (he doesn’t handle alone well) for protection. Later, they become lovers.
    Eventually, she tires of Don’s apartment, insists on a night out at The Lemon.
    As they approach the club, Don hears a flap, pulls his gun as the vampire swoops up with Charlotta in his jaws, fires six times. Charlotta drops to the sidewalk, and succumbs to her wounds. The wounded bat escapes.
    MADGE MUNROE (45), The Lemon’s gruff proprietress advises Donny he’d better look elsewhere for girlfriends. Donny agrees.
    Donny moves on to THE PLAYHOUSE CLUB on Seymour, where he befriends SUE DUNHAM (25), a burlesque dancer with a predilection for “bad boys.” He wants to know her real name, not a pseudonym, but she refuses to tell him until she knows him better.
    Dragomir confronts Donny outside the club, purporting to be looking out for his best interests. Donny wants none of it, holds the vampire at gunpoint. Dragomir distracts him, escapes.
    The police raid Dragomir’s penthouse apartment in False Creek. The vampire dives off his balcony, transforms, escapes.
    That night, Don waits by his car for Sue to finish her shift. When she comes to him, he again hears that tell-tale flap, shoots five shots as the bat hits him square in the chest. He loses the gun as he falls, winded.
    The wounded bat transforms, except for the wing which covers Sue. The semi-transmogrified bat asks him why he shot him when he was trying to save him. His carnivores extend as he moves to bite Sue. Don shoots Dragomir first in the back. The bat turns and hisses at him. A shot to the forehead finishes the vampire off.
    Later on a vacation, Sue confesses to Don her name is Whitney.
    A tall, dark and dangerous stranger surveils Dragomir’s penthouse suite from the Burrard Street Bridge. As darkness falls, he enters the building and gets invited up by the new tenant, a poser living off the avails of Dragomir’s notoriety, thinking the newcomer is a reporter.
    ALEXANDRU BREZEANU lays claim to the penthouse as Dragomir’s brother by draining the new tenant of his life’s blood on the living room floor.