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    I have written a twelve-page short screenplay called The Party House. It is a horror script that features few characters, one location, and can be produced on a really low budget. It's kinda Tales From The Crypt-like (Comic and Show).


    A teenage boy and girl trespass into an abandoned house and meet a strange young woman who claims to live there with her grandfather.


    Carmen and Victor, a teenage couple, are looking for a rural, abandoned house to throw a party. They find an abandoned house that sits isolated and alone in the area. After walking inside, they start to hear a creepy, strange piano chord being repetitively played. The music sounds like it is being played in the upstairs area of the house.

    The two try to walk out of the house, however a teenage girl named Millie stands in the front, open doorway of the home. She tells them that her grandfather and she have lived in the house for years. She then announces that today is her eighteenth birthday and she wants Carmen and Victor to stay in the house and celebrate with her. Carmen and Victor reluctantly agree and as Millie walks by them, they see blood stains on the back of her shirt. The front door then closes by itself crushing their hopes of immediately leaving the strange location.

    The two teenagers follow Millie into the kitchen where she starts stirring something in a pot on the oven. The piano chord then starts to play again with Millie saying that it must be the rats upstairs walking on the piano chord. Carmen and Victor then try to leave the house. Millie angrily grabs a gun from a kitchen drawer. She knocks over the pot she was stirring and inside the pot is blood. Millie then tells Carmen and Victor that they must stay with her. She confesses to being angry about her strict grandfather never letting her celebrate her birthday and letting people hang out with her. She then implies that her grandfather killed her before he killed himself on her eighteenth birthday. Carmen and Victor nervously sit down at the kitchen table before Millie shoots Victor in the chest killing him.

    Carmen fearfully runs out of the kitchen and tries to open the front door of the house. The door is locked though and then piano music from upstairs starts again. Carmen runs up the stairs and walks into an open bedroom doorway. Carmen screams as she sees the rotted corpse of Millie's Grandfather lying on a bed in the room. The piano music continues to play as Carmen walks back out onto the upstairs hallway. A door then opens by itself in the hallway. Carmen nervously walks toward the door, the piano music is loudly heard from inside the room that the now-open doorway leads to.

    Carmen walks into the room and sees the corpse of Victor playing the same repetitive piano chord. Millie stands in the middle of the area and she is covered in blood. Tables that contain drinks and food on them are also in the room and all are covered in blood. Millie then looks at Carmen and announces that they all made it to her birthday party. Carmen turns around to get away from the party. Standing in the open doorway and blocking her way is the corpse of Millie's Grandfather who smiles at Carmen as dark, blood oozes from his mouth.

    Just message me or e-mail me at rhonnief[at] if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

    Ronald Fordham
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