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  • Feature Snowman

    A white camouflaged psychopath hunts amusement park security officers during a winter snowstorm

    After being accepted into the New Jersey State Police, Patrick Devilin is facing the final months as a security officer at a central New Jersey amusement park. With the first winter storm approaching, Devilin, with four other security officers, prepare to ride out the storm while on duty.

    After night fall, a mad man slips into the park with the intent to kill them all. As he begins to hunt the security officers down, the amusement park losses power and contact with the outside. While Devilin continues his patrol duties, the other security officers are hunted down, methodically, and slain one by one. When Devilin finds the first victims body, he fears for his girlfriend, who is isolated by herself in the center of the park. As he makes his way back to save her, and the others, he also becomes hunted by the white masked mad man.

    As the white camouflaged sword wielding psychopath hunts him through the vacant amusement park, Devilin use’s his surroundings to reach his girlfriend. Both must attempt to make it to safety, and take refuge inside a fortress park attraction. They are discovered by their hunter, and forced to climb up into the weakened towering structure. Devilin clash’s swords and his skill’s against his attacker, and defeats his faceless nemesis.
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    Fade in.

    A MONMOUTH COUNTY ROUTE 537 road sign standing on a snow covered highway. The sound of an engine becoming louder, as a black classic Chevy race’s past playing rock and roll music.
    INT. CAR - DAY
    (via microphone)
    They are calling for two to three feet of snow this evening, ending tomorrow, so stay warm out there, here’s another classic tune.
    EXT. CAR - DAY
    Driving straight and the turning left from the main highway. We follow the car as it slows to a stop at a security check point. A security officer steps out from his cubed shaped building and waves the vehicle through. Following the vehicle into a large parking lot, the Amusement Park can be seen in the distance. Eight individual tall wooden and steel roller coasters span the length of the Amusement Park.
    The Chevy passes by the Security Office, then turns around, and parks between security vehicles.

    The Sergeant’s desk is clean, organized, and unmanned. The sound of muffled radio transmissions can be heard as the front door opens. DEVILIN steps in from the frosted air and walks past the
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      This looks very exciting. I hope you find a producer soon. Good luck!
      L A Morgan
      Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music