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    I have written a short screenplay called The House With W-Fi that features limited locations, few characters, and can be produced on a low-budget.

    Logline: A couple who park in the yard of an abandoned house to use the house's mysterious wi-fi connection, see a ghost-like old woman through one of the house's windows.


    Late at night, Michael and Elsa, a young married couple, parked their car in the yard of an abandoned house. The couple had recently moved into the area and, in an effort to save money, were going to use a strange wi-fi connection that was from the house.

    Elsa used a laptop and accessed the wi-fi connection through a link that ominously read: DIE1414. After she connected to the wi-fi, Michael and her noticed a light turn on in the house and a ghost-like old Woman who stood by one of the windows in the house. The Woman held a blood-stained chain and lead pipe in her hands.

    The Woman looked at them and suddenly security-camera-like footage of the old Woman inside the house popped up on the screen of the laptop. Michael and Elsa looked toward the old Woman in the house and the footage on the laptop as the Woman walked through the house.

    Several newspaper articles then popped up on the screen of the laptop. The articles were all about the Woman, how the corpses of fourteen children were found in her home, and that she committed suicide in prison after being arrested. The final newspaper article mentioned how her old home was supposed to be haunted.

    Elsa and Michael, now terrified by what they have seen, were about to drive away when suddenly the light in the house went out and the Woman walked off-screen of the security-camera-like footage. Michael then put the car in reverse, turned around to look out the back window of the vehicle, and saw the old Woman in the backseat covered in blood and holding the blood-stained chain and lead pipe.

    Estimated Budget: Super-low

    I am still looking to have my first script produced and gain experience in the film industry.

    My screenplays Louise and Personal Space were selected as runners-up in the 2012 Midnight Black International Festival screenplay contest.

    The e-script website selected my screenplay Louise to include on their site. If you are interested just e-mail me back at rhonnief[at] Thank you for your time.

    Ronald Fordham
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    Interesting, I have a budget of $20,000 to make a film and I have been waiting for the right script, checking it out!


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      Just from reading the title, I knew this script/concept was going to be interesting. Great job on it; it's a brilliant idea to make a horror film. I'm also thinking of making a horror short myself. Anyways, I hope this becomes a film someday because I'd be down to watch it haha.