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  • Feature Louise

    I have written a horror/thriller script called Louise. The script features few characters, limited locations, and could be produced at a low budget.


    A girl who was tortured and murdered returns to her hometown on the eve of her high school reunion to enact revenge.


    Cal and Vivien, a young married couple, go back to their hometown to attend a ten-year high school reunion. Cal has recently lost his job and going back to his hometown makes him uneasy. Throughout the story he has visions of seeing Louise, a girl he and his friend Casey were friends with when they were in high school. Cal has been living with grief and guilt regarding Louise since she was murdered by her strict, religious, and emotionally abusive father the summer after Cal graduated from high school.

    After attending the reunion with Casey and his wife Charity, the two couples decide to break into their old high school building. The building has been abandoned for a few years and is now used for storage. Once they break into the old high school, the ghost of Louise begins to attack the two couples.

    While terrorizing the group within the abandoned building, the ghost of Louise kills Casey. When Cal, Vivien, and Charity realize they are trapped within the school, Cal tells Vivien and Charity that he has been living with feelings of guilt about Louise. Cal then reveals that on graduation night, he, Casey, and a few friends all got drunk and raped Louise. Vivien and Charity are disgusted by what Cal tells them however they try to convince Cal that Louise's murder was not his fault. They explain to Cal that Louise's father was a crazed man who took his own life before he could be sentenced for murdering his daughter.

    The script concludes in the old school library after Louise has murdered Casey, Charity, and Vivien. Cal begs Louise to forgive him and tells her that he never murdered her. Cal says to Louise that she has no right to kill him or his friends when suddenly the sound of a crying baby is heard coming from the corner of the library.

    After a few moments, a baby with flesh and blood falling from it crawls out of the corner of the library toward Cal. Cal then looks at Louise and realizes that he and his friends had inadvertently murdered her by getting her pregnant. Cal understands that her father would never have been able to live knowing that his daughter was pregnant from a rape. After understanding his involvement in her murder as well as the inevitably of her vengeance, Cal wearily looks down before Louise and the zombie-like baby murder him.

    Estimated Budget: 100-300k

    I am still looking to have my first script produced and gain experience in the film industry.

    My screenplays Louise and Personal Space were selected as runners-up in the 2012 Midnight Black International Festival screenplay contest.

    The e-script website selected my screenplay Louise to include on their site. If you are interested in my screenplay just e-mail me back at rhonnief[at] Thank you for your time.

    Ronald Fordham
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