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    Dear Development Executive,

    I have recently completed a short horror script entitled Thank You for Shopping in Hell and would like to know if you would be interested in reading a copy.

    As Justin pushes his cart through the aisles of a nearly empty supermarket, he is fixated on vengeance against his malevolent ex-boss, Mr. Gallagher, who replaced him and all the other human cashiers with self-checkouts. Justin's wife, Andrea, phones him to warn him against trying to rob his former employer. It is rumored that Gallagher tampered with the self-checkouts and the computerized voices sound too "familiar". Justin dismisses the sinister gossip by telling her she spends too much time around drug addicts.

    However, when Justin arrives at the checkouts, he realizes that two of the machines sound exactly like two of his former co-workers and the individuals' name tags are attached to the devices. The machine named Sharon tells Justin that Andrea is cheating on him with Gallagher and plays earsplitting organ music whenever he incorrectly scans an item. When Justin tries to leave with the unpaid groceries, the machines cause a light fixture to fall on his head, killing him instantly. The script ends with Gallagher and Andrea kissing and deriding Justin, who is now a self-checkout.

    Thank You for Shopping in Hell is inspired by my experiences as a seventeen-year veteran of the grocery business. I am also the author of five feature-length scripts and two novels. I have a BA in English literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The complete 5-page final draft of Thank You for Shopping in Hell is available upon request. I thank you for your consideration and look forward to your reply.


    Greg Przywara


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    Cool concept! I'd like to see it.
    L A Morgan
    Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music