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    Justified True Belief - by Martin Jagodzinski

    Formerly known as THE EXECUTOR

    WGAE Reg#I43898

    THEME – The death of the American Family.

    HIGH CONCEPT – SAW with elements from selected works of Edgar Allan Poe.

    LOG LINE – Seven people are called to a will reading and in order to receive the money, they must survive until midnight against the executor of the will. If the Executor kills them all, HE gets the money.

    SYNOPSIS – When multimillionaire Monte Lucreman passed away, he had a justified true belief that his family didn’t deserve the millions he worked his life for. He would make them earn it.

    College philosophy student Augustus Holmes, Monte’s favorite nephew before their falling out, decides to return for the will reading to verify his justified true belief of why his Uncle didn’t help save Augustus’ father’s life when he easily could have.

    Diner waitress Jordan Orphano was like Monte in many ways-strong, stubborn and alone. Monte didn’t want anyone else waiting on her, as he felt a connection with her. Jordan didn’t. She knew Monte had money, and tolerated him. When she was called to the will reading, she had nothing to lose by going, and possibly everything to gain.

    At the will reading, Jordan is introduced to the other members of Monte’s family, and quickly determines that the family is horrible on the surface, with many dark secrets beneath. Once the reading starts, a video will of Monte is played, where he lays out the terms of the will.

    Each member of the family is given a key that opens a safe that enables the opener of the safe the rights to Monte’s company bank vault, which holds over $400 million. There are two catches: 1) The safe requires TWO keys to open it; 2) Everyone must survive until midnight against The Executor of the will. If The Executor kills each member of the family, HE gets the money.

    Each family member proves they are not worthy of Monte’s fortune by revealing the kind of people they truly are. The family secrets are justified as true. At the end, Augustus and Jordan square off against the Executor to not only survive, but to claim the vast fortune.

    The Executor is killed by Augustus and Jordan, who is revealed to be Monte. After they claim the contents of the safe, they open the company vault to find…NOTHING. A testament to Monte’s justified true belief.

    Estimated price - 2% of budget or Writers Guild minimum agreement.
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