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Back Then - A short film that needs a script!

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  • Short Back Then - A short film that needs a script!

    I have a story idea that I was going to write as a novel, but let's face it, I never finish any novel I try to write.

    I can't write scripts very well and I hope to find someone who can write a script based off of the description I can give you and one page that I TRIED to write. But I couldn't finish because I'm just not a writer.

    I don't know yet if I can pay anyone to write this, but I will certainly try. Once the script is finished, or maybe if someone agrees to write it, then I can start a Kickstarter to raise money to film it, and if we raise enough money then I will pay the writer. If you are interested, please reply.

    The basic idea is this (but keep in mind that any ideas the new writer has will be considered):
    15-year old Morgan meets CeCe and falls in love with her, but he is scared that she will eventually love someone else. She's a gypsy soul. When she says she loves him, he stops talking to her. She moves away with her family and two years later, he hasn't spoken to CeCe once in all that time. Morgan regrets leaving. He misses CeCe and wishes he could have spent more time with her. Morgan is granted the opportunity to relive this time. He finds a genie's lamp, or something mystical like that. He makes a wish without realizing it. He wakes up on the morning that he met CeCe. This time, he takes every chance to love CeCe and when she tells her she loves him, he says it back.