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  • Short Comingsoon

    The shopping mall's interconnecting walkways had enabled two witches to walk from unit to unit. They spotted themselves in part of the wall which was a mirror, but it reflected the distorted picture of two women on a window shop. The man who was browsing through the music store had noticed that, but he thought it was just a visual illusion. He was listening to the song Distorted (Alternate Reality Mix) by Living Sacrifice, the two ladies approached him, one of them said: "Do you remember us ?. There is always three women in a man's life, so the third one, I mean the one who you will marry, is yet to come, in the meantime, find yourself and the love you want. That's why we will call you Comingsoon. Do you remember us, Comingsoon ?". The other witch added: "You know where your future wife is, but you have no clue how to get there. You know exactly what you want in life, but your wife-to-be is nowhere in sight. Perhaps your vision is unclear, Comingsoon, your purpose is still undefined. Do you want to stroll in the mall with us? There's a new dimension we have discovered. Come stroll with us in the mall...."

    "Comingsoon!, Comingsoon!". The voices and the giggles of the two witches echoing in the man's mind and it cannot be drowned by the music; the songlyrics coming from a long distance away: "Suffering down perpetual destruction, Pulling ties of morbid inspiration, Confession of words, life or death is heard...". The shopping mall's interconnecting walkways have shifted into neutral and they seem to be induced by the flow of images in his brain like a kind of hypnotism. Finally he reaches the street..., the cityscape is growing still and calm, but urban size and density have changed.

    Now the outside view of the shopping mall makes Comingsoon find solitary confinement, there is only his own mind, which seems to play dreamlike tricks; the architecture of Frank Gehry, the style of Deconstructivism, an uncountable number of buildings, an uncountable number of stories high, stainless steel and glass exteriors towering over him, but the cityscape keeps Comingsoon's spirit strong even when his mind is being tested. He knows he is being watched.

    Comingsoon was looking past the buildings to a distant countryside which was getting greener and silhoutting against the blue sky. The air seems a little cleaner now, and it carries both a stranger and a question "Why are you here?". As if the stranger looked familiar and friendly, Comingsoon replies in an ironical way: "Because it is not good for the man to be alone so I've made up two witches who tell me that a third witch will come and I will marry her. in the meantime I must enjoy this mirage. In the land beyond the glass doors of the shopping mall there are riddles but no answers". He looks at the stranger for some ureal seconds and then he adds: "I've been nicknamed Comingsoon by the two witches. What is your name or your nickname?. By the way, that brochure looks like a cellphone screen. I gather that it is part of this hallucination. People with dementia may experience problems with their sight which cause them to misinterpret the world around them. In some cases, people with dementia can experience hallucinations.
    But I am not a man with dementia"

    There can be few cities in the world where the populace welcomes a mirage . The key problem is that people still need substantive proof to become aware of the new dimension.
    Comingsoon tries to reconfigure his apartment, its interior has been designed to have a soul of its own, free from the surrounding, a private refuge for him, the space itself has inspired him to create human beings, legendary creatures, supernatural situations and paranormal events for his apartment.
    Comingsoon is using Google to manage the unusual perception of reality he has experienced: ** Daydreaming is a short-term detachment from one's immediate surroundings, during which a person's contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake. In psychology, the term dissociation describes a wide array of experiences from mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more severe detachment from physical and emotional experience.**
    The cellphone rings, the female voice of the shopping mall music store assistant: "You have forgotten... two... books here, sir. Thank God I know both you and your number. The books are - Conversations with Frank Gehry- by Barbara Isenberg and - Frank O. Gehry: The Complete Works - by Francesco Dal Co and Kurt Forster ".
    Comingsoon thanks the assistant. Two books ... The word "two" echoing in his head.
    Now he remembers the books.
    His eyes goes back to the computer screen: **The major characteristic of all dissociative phenomena involves a detachment from reality, rather than a loss of reality as in psychosis.Dissociative experiences are further characterized by the varied maladaptive mental constructions of an individual's natural imaginative capacity... Absent-mindedness is where a person shows inattentive, forgetful behaviour and/or frequent distraction**.

    The female voice of music store assistant on the cellphone a moment ago: "You have forgotten... two... books here, sir". The Word... "two"... is still echoing in the thoughts of Comingsoon. And the word "sir"... He is not old enough to be called "sir". Maybe it is an usual way to talk to ...potential ...customers there.
    He remembers the...two ...books about the Architecture of Frank Gehry.
    He also remembers the... two... witches.
    Comingsoon smiles to himself as he computer goes on giving Google suggestion for improving hallucinations: Absent Mindedness seemingly consists of lapses of concentration or "zoning out". This can result in lapses of short or long term memory, depending on when the person in question was in a state of absent-mindedness. Absent-mindedness also relates directly to lapses in attention. Schachter and Dodsen say, that in the context of memory, “absent-mindedness entails inattentive or shallow processing that contributes to weak memories of ongoing events or forgetting to do things in the future”
    This is common among teenagers and seniors. Comingsoon is neither a teenager nor a senior, he is something in between called "sir".

    The great challenge for Comingsoon, still reeling from his memories, absent-mindedness, daydreaming or dissociative phenomena, is as to wait till this "new dimensión" pulls the rug out from the two witches and him again. If it does not happen, should he keep his footing or wait?

    Comingsoon meditates: "The real drama is how long it takes to create a new dimensión. An altered state of consciousness describes induced changes in one's mental state, almost always temporary. Almost always".

    In reaction to recent events, Comingsoon keeps on consulting with himself on visions and locutions: "Hallucinations aren't very common among sane persons, bu they are very common...accompaniments... of some forms of mental disease. At least one in five sane persons experiences a fairly vivid hallucination at some time in his life. Only intellectual visions can't be counterfeited by the two witches". Ideas arising in his mind: "In intelectual visions the object is stated to be neither seen or heard, but there's an inner feeling of a presence or a communication".

    Comingsoon keeps on writing on the computer screen, the words sound in his head: "Feelings and Beliefs : A feeling is something you have when you sense something, like you have a feeling the images of events and settings in your mind are being changed. It is directly correlated to the environment or stimuli. Beliefs are based on faith. That is all. You can believe that there is a new dimension out there .You might be right, you might be wrong.

    The intellectualist can easily make a situation seem to be weaker than it really is. Expressed in intellectual terms, and attacked by intellectual methods, it seems to be indefensible indeed. But the real point of the position of reliance on feeling is that it denies the claim of intellect to have the deciding voice in matters of belief, and claims for feeling an authority of its own at least as ultimate as that of reason".

    The cellphone rings, the voices of the two witches:
    "The intellectualist can easily make a situation seem to be rarer than it really is. The rarer, the better".

    Comingsoon looks at his apartment, it immediately feels like the same place we has lived in for five years. It has the same proportions, the same windows. That double breakfront desk with bookcase ends is in the same position. There is a real familiarity.

    On the streets again, Comingsoon follows the dictates of the new dimension experience, he is building up a system which, on the whole corresponds with the hallucinatory system built up from consideration of the other type of relevant experience.
    The only forces which are at work in the production of supernatural ideas or hallucinatory devices are social forces.

    Suddenly Comingsoon remembers that he suffers from psychogenic amnesia..., so it may be objected that the method of approach he is adopting is a very undesirable one to apply to social forces and romances. Psychological and/or psychiatrical method itself tends to destroy that atmosphere of unusually expanded experiences of living which should surround a new dimensión, and thus brings it down to the level of other activities.
    So Comingsoon remembers that he is here not because of the street that lies before him but because of the two witches.

    The voices of the two witches on the cellphone: "Psychogenic amnesia !!!. Forgetfulness is such a terrible thing, Comingsoon. There comes a time when memories start sheeting down like rain... and one seems to be longing for a new dimension. Do we both look familiar to you now ?".

    There are two main types of psychogenic amnesia: global amnesia and situation-specific amnesia.

    Global amnesia, also known as fugue state, refers to a sudden loss of personal identity lasting a few hours or days, often accompanied by severe stress or depression and often involving extended periods of wandering and confusion. It is very rare, and usually resolves over time (although memory of the fugue episode itself may remain lost), often helped by therapy.

    Situation-specific amnesia is a type of psychogenic amnesia that occurs as a result of a severely stressful event, as part of post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Comingsoon was sent off by the two witches with the blessing of peace to return to a third witch who would be his wife.
    No stressful event appears among his memories.
    He must be suffering from Global amnesia or Fugue state.

    The voices of the two witches: "We're all alike living in a fool's paradise, Comingsoon, because this a new dimension and nothing more"

    An architecture magazine on the double breakfront desk with bookcase ends:

    The photo of a light-filled full-floor loft condo has east- and west-facing exposures, hardwood floors, and a state-of-the-art open kitchen that encourages entertaining. The apartment also features a library, a laundry room, and ample storage space.

    Comingsoon looks at his apartment, but he feels he is in the loft condo.

    The two books about Frank Ghery he had forgotten at the shopping mall...

    It is like entering a new state of existence...
    He goes on reeling from his memories, absent-mindedness, daydreaming or dissociative phenomena, dissociative experiences...

    People with dementia can experience hallucinations. But he knows he is not a man with dementia.

    Metamorphosis: a major change in the appearance or character of someone or something. A striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances. A change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means.

    Comingsoon remembers the voices of the two witches on the cellphone:
    "The intellectualist can easily make a situation seem to be rarer than it really is...
    The rarer, the better".

    A Transfiguration...

    Comingsoon may suppose that to a mentality hostile to the idea of transfiguration the experience would not occur, or if it did, it would be suppressed as something illusory or evil. But, at the same time, the idea that he expresses himself in the form of transfiguration implies an optimistic attitude towards the two witches and the new dimension.

    Comingsoon looks at his apartment...

    That architecture magazine on the double breakfront desk with bookcase ends.

    Comingsoon's bed is close to that desk.

    The voices of the two witches: "Degenerative brain and other physical changes take places, Comingsoon, and the new dimension ends in profound dementia".

    He sets out on his memory oddyssey.

    The voices of two nurses: "Don't call us witches, we both are nurses. You'd better start worrying about your memory. This is the best way to get from today to yesterday. Yesterday is always a long time ago. Yesterday becomes a mystery and tomorrow turns into this superior skilled nursing care again. The life you've always lived is the life you can find at this Nursing home. From this apartment you can entertain and enjoy what you've always enjoyed; attend reality, take in a new dimension, share meals at the restaurant...You are not a man with dementia... The life you've always lived is the life you've got to remember now..."

    Female voices echoing in Comingsoon`s head:
    "Don't call us witches, we both are nurses...
    You'd better start worrying about your memory...
    The life you've always lived is the life you've got to remember now..."

    Images of words on a computer screen:
    **The major characteristic of all dissociative phenomena involves a detachment from reality, rather than a loss of reality as in psychosis**

    Comingsoon remembers the two nurses.
    He also remembers the... two... witches.

    More words on the computer screen:
    **Global amnesia, also known as fugue state, refers to a sudden loss of personal identity lasting a few hours or days...**

    Comingsoon asks himself: "Or years ?. Years ? ".

    He was too close to that period to know what would last. For that he would have to wait until 2060.

    On the computer screen, the information keeps on overwhelming Comingsoon:
    * A fugue state is a rare psychiatric disorder characterized by reversible amnesia for personal identity, including the memories, personality, and other identifying characteristics of individuality... ... *

    Female voices on his mind: *It is not Alzheimer's disease, Comingsoon... ... C'mon, think back... Recapture the past, ... indulge in memories..., recall the past... Recapture the present... Recapture the present...*