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  • Feature RISING TIDES

    I have the following coming-of-age for sale. Please contact me a: dragonwood[at] if interested.

    Feature script: RISING TIDES BY Robert M .O’Hannon (registered WGA East)

    Genre: Drama

    Log Line: A repressed teen is apprenticed to a mad lighthouse keeper in Nova Scotia.

    Synopsis: Daniel Muir grows up in a religiously oppressed household in 19th century Nova Scotia Son of fire and brimstone preacher, William Muir, his life is one of duty and drudger, with no hope of change in this life, and, according to his father, perhaps the next.
    But all this changes when illness strikes his father down. Freedom seems to beacon, but his hopes are quickly dashed as his father extracts a deathbed promise from his mother to apprentice young Daniel to an old family friend, Captain Josiah Stark, in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

    The small, dank village of Peggy’s Cove huddles on the edge of the ocean, subject to its storms, and the storms of politics, and passions, of its inhabitants. There is not much of a living to be made here, and when government officials arrive to collect taxes, the tide of anger rises.

    Josiah Stark is a bitter man. After a lifetime at sea, an injury at sea condemns him to the land. The death of his beloved wife a few years before stokes the fire of his discontent. Now he “commands” a lighthouse, living with his young daughter Catherine. Stark keeps a watchful eye on her, and has just run off, and narrowly avoided murdering, his former lighthouse apprentice John Griffin, who longs for Catherine, and will do anything to have here.

    Daniel arrives just as things are heating up at the lighthouse, and in the village. Fortunately he has an ally in town – Doctor Newcomb, who was a friend of his mother. Daniel tries to fit in at the lighthouse, but Stark’s growing paranoia about his daughter, Griffin’s maniacal resentment of him, and the tensions in the town crash in a tidal wave, life or death climax. Can Daniel survive the rising tides?

    Rising Tides.pdf

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    Great Story, to high budget for us... but good work!