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  • Feature A Day With Sally

    'A Day With Sally' is a 102-page drama feature.

    Logline for 'A Day With Sally'

    A young woman blind since a childhood accident, gets lost in the city on her way to a job interview, and now must put her complete trust in an angry stanger to get her home again. As they cross the city, her greatest fear is exposed, and she must fight to keep her dark world in control.

    Synopsis for 'A Day With Sally'

    Sally Reed was blinded in a horrific car accident at 15. Now a thirty-something business woman living in the city, she has just set out for a job interview, but gets lost along the way. Busy morning pedestrians have little patience to help her – except Oliver, a cantankerous, wheelchair-bound vet. He offers to help Sally back to her apartment so she can start again, and he’ll make sure she gets to her interview – in exchange for pushing him up a steep hill to his favourite restaurant. They agree, and head for Sally’s apartment.

    Along the way, Oliver – never good with words – manages to infuriate Sally with his cold and insulting indifference to her blindness. Sally is lost without him, so she soldiers on. After much trial and tribulation traversing the city, they eventually get to Sally’s apartment, and start the count again.

    Sally makes it to her interview, and is hired. To celebrate, she invites Oliver to dinner. She warms to him, even finds herself attracted to this man she cannot see. After dinner, however, Oliver blunders yet again, and they part ways with bitter words.

    The chance meeting will bring a two gifts to Sally. Eventually.

    My asking price for 'A Day With Sally' is 3,000 US Dollars

    A DAY WITH SALLY opening pages.pdf

  • #2
    Very interesting first 6 pages. I was really looking forward to more! Well, maybe we'll see this turned into a film soon:)

    Good luck with the sale!