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  • Feature Forbidden

    Forbidden sample page.pdf

    Is incest best?

    When Krystle is compelled by necessity to move in with her brother, John, they apparently hate each other, but John has a deep, dark secret. He’s always been secretly in love with his sister. The fun begins when John’s secretary thinks that Krystle is his girlfriend and the misunderstanding grows.

    There are 100 pages in this low-to medium-cost production. It’s set on Long Island with some scenes in New York City. Most of the action takes place in an upscale condo on the Great South Bay. There are two major characters and eleven minor characters. Many extras will be needed for the crowd scenes. This feature should be rated NC-17.

    Forbidden is based on an excerpt from my novel, Dirty Little Secrets. My original theme song, music and lyrics, are attached to the project.
    L A Morgan
    Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music