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  • Feature "The Tale of us"

    Genre: Drama/Ensemble

    Genre: Drama

    Log Line: Citizens from all walks of life deal with tragedies, pain, and their own inner conflict.

    Deacon struggles to balance his life after his divorce. He has lots of money and a beautiful girlfriend that he loves very much. He also loves the bottle just the same. His psychotic brother pays him a visit with some disturbing news that may threaten his life and family. His ex wife wants him to handle his brother by any means necessary. It's unfortunate for Deacon that those means may cost him his life.

    Dealing with the lose of her father, Mia encounters a young prostitute by the name of Gina. After helping her to the hospital she learns that Gina is just a teenager with no where to go. She offers for Gina to stay with her until Social Services can find her home. She quickly learns that Gina may be too far gone and that she needs more help than she can give her. Mia gets so wrapped up in Gina’s problems that she neglects her own. Can Mia help Gina with her demons without getting entangled in Gina's world?

    Bobby is a teenager who is obsessed with getting laid. He has a girlfriend that won’t sleep with him and because of this he has a snarky attitude. His mother tells him that something from his past is coming back and he needs to act on it now. He asks his girlfriend to do something that will put both their lives in jeopardy. Without his knowledge his girlfriend Sarah is also facing a demon that no one knows about. Not even her. Can Sarah help Bobby with his problem or will Sarah just add to it?

    Ace Anderson is a school teacher who has an obsession with one of his students. He finally meets the mother and forms a friendly relationship with her, but he still can't get the daughter out of his mind. When Ace acts on his obsession it will change that little girl’s life forever.

    I'm looking to sale the script for 2 - 5 percent of the budget and a writer's credit. I'm also open to sale the script for a one time fee, depending how much you offer. The entire script is attached to this posting. If interested in buying or producing contact me at xzilez26[at]
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    I'm selling this script for 500 - 2000 dollars, a writer's credit, and 20 percent of the rights (Residual reasons). If interested please contact me.


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      Hey people. I've updated the screenplay. I have changed a lot of the story and this version is way better. If not interested in buying leave me your thoughts. Thanks!


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        I edited the script again and is going to submit this to the blacklist. Tell me what you think.


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          I liked it. Was the PDF at the top the newest version?


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            Yes. Finished it a few hours ago.


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              Have you estimated a cost of production based on the sets and situations you created?


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                Yeah I did. I recently sold a low budget script and is in talks with an agent about my other low budget script called Sinners. This script however is more costly. This is why I need an agent or enter it in screenplay competitions like the first look over at script pipeline.


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                  I've updated the script and fixed some minor errors. The script is still available if interested.


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                    I've recently updated the script if people are still interested.