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    Scent of a Woman meets Miracle on 34th Street when an embittered writer decides to commit suicide and, instead, he ends up helping others.

    In this high-impact psychological drama, Al Marsden is a suicidal, best-selling novelist and screenwriter, whose life has gone down the drain. His writing has been blocked since his wife left him. While talking with his shrink, he finds out his father died. At this point, Al deliberately puts himself in the path of danger, hoping to die.

    “Mr. Miracle” is a high-impact action drama, laden with emotion. The script is 101 pages. The setting is New York City, and there’s one action scene on Long Island. This screenplay will require a moderate budget. Special effects will be required for some of the action scenes. There are three major characters, four minor characters, and several extras, some with speaking parts. The climax is triumphant. The original theme song is attached to this project and available on my website.
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