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  • Feature Emotion

    A man who has led a sheltered life embarks on a mind-blowing journey with his gay friend to understand the meaning of emotion.

    Tortured by his inability to write well, Dan Alador sets forth on an inspiring journey bent on experiencing all the emotions he has missed in his very sheltered life. Guided by his college mentor, Dan undertakes an epic voyage of emotional excitement and sensory stimulation: from his first sexual encounter to true love, from the bonding of real friendship to its ultimate sacrifice, from sky-diving to a death-defying race against the tide at Mont St. Michel. Friendship, romance, and high adventure will sweep you away with emotion. At least three tissues will be needed.

    “Emotion” is an intense adventure drama with an underlying gay theme. The completed script is 112 pages in proper screenplay format. It is a high-budget project that will require a number of exotic locations. Computer graphics and animation will be required for production. In addition to that, a live Siberian tiger will be required. There are two major characters, two minor characters, and several extras. Some of the extras have minor speaking roles. The concept of the screenplay is based on a sheltered writer’s need to experience emotion in his life. He takes an epic journey, culminating in a race against the tide in Mont St. Michel on the back of the Siberian tiger.
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    L A Morgan
    Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music