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    "Tootsie" Meets "Cocoon"

    Great characters, great scenes, great emotional roller coaster with lots
    of big emotional payoffs.

    Price: Low five figures plus participation
    WGA Registration Number: 1370252

    How much love does it take to rebuild a family torn apart by secrets, lies and guilt??


    Arthur Kirkland is the burned-out, aging, senior member of America's foremost, multi-award-winning acting dynasty. Since tragically losing first one wife then another, he has "lost the fire" of his on-screen greatness, and sunk into guilt-laden memories on his lavish but decaying Malibu estate. Arthur's emotional decline has taken a toll on the rest of his eminent family.

    Son Steven, 30, was an A-list star until he was suddenly and mysteriously booted from the film industry. Now he has settled into puppeteering for children, but hopes that an unconventional and daring plan will win him a part in an upcoming film, and thereby revive his career.

    Daughter Helen, 40, has also kept off the screen in recent years. But she yearns to return -- an impossibility until she disentangles her life from childhood obligations. Her efforts are complicated by a surprising new romance she'll do anything to nurture.

    Helen's daughter Lauren, 22, gallivants around the globe with a series of engaging boyfriends. A self-styled "auteur," she naively talks about weaving every one of her outrageous experiences into her improbable screenplay.

    In an effort to rekindle Arthur Kirkland's creative fires, Helen hooks him up with a diverse collection of senior characters who regularly meet to learn and practice comedy improv. The "class" includes writers, comedians, actors, and ordinary citizens, all of whom know Arthur from his work in films, and some who have worked with him in the past. What they lack in firm skin and muscle tone they more than make up for in courage, humor, insight, wisdom, and caring.

    Arthur's newfound relations and experiments with improv have rejuvenating effects on him and his artistic courage, which results in the family discovering far more about living than they ever bargained for, and experiencing a full measure of love, laughter, true romance, and shattering revelations as they risk everything to recapture their patriarch's lost soul.


    Robert Moskowitz has been a successful non-fiction writer since 1968.
    Rayni Joan is the author of "The Skinny: Adventures of America's First
    Bulimic" -- a novel. They are currently working on a project for serial
    comedy TV.
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