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St. Nicholas, The Boy Bishop

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  • Feature St. Nicholas, The Boy Bishop

    Logline: Some miracles happen with believing, praying and St. Nicholas.


    The script is a collection of short stories of St. Nicholas connected by a special book.

    The story starts with Nicholas leaving bags of gold for a silversmiths daughters. The silversmith wants to thank the person leaving the bags of gold but missess him until the last night.

    Several years later Bishop Nicholas is in Myra during a draught. He convinces a captain of a ship to give grain and other food to his people. Whe ship arrives at its home port nothing is missing.

    He's a saint when Tlingit chiefs have dreams of him telling them to go to Sitka and get baptized. The chiefs do so. They save their language and culture.

    It's the 1930's, a mother is struggling with four kids. One of her sons asks St. Nick for help. Nick bishop walks up to him, gives him a book and a note. The book keeps him reading and the note guides his mom to a job.

    It's the 1940's, a little girl is sick with Polio. Her borther asks St. Nick for help. Nick Bishop enters the waiting room. He hands the brother a book then visits the girl. The girl survives.

    It's the 1970's, a young boy is stuck in an orphanage. He gets beaten up by some bullies. He asks St. Nick for help. Nick Bishop arrives and give him a book. The next day a relative arrives to take him home.

    It's present day, a drunk driver hits a teen pedestrian and a family car. Three people end up in I.C.U. Family members ask for St. Nick's help. Nick Bishop arrives and helps out. He is able to heal the three in I.C.U. with the help of prayers and singing.

    Looking for 2% - 5% of budget.
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    I have Final Draft back. I'm putting St. Nicholas in Final Draft.