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The Merger - 6 comedy drama / sitcom scripts available

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  • Feature The Merger - 6 comedy drama / sitcom scripts available

    Hi All,

    If you liked Veep & The Thick of It, this is similar but set in the hotel world.

    This is about the corporate working environment and how people are treated very brutally during a take over. Millions of people will identify with the insensitivity and social brutality in this script. In this case we have a predator hotel company run by an asset stripping owner of the Betta Hotels empire, Charlie Strong.

    The first episode takes place in the head office of a company recently bought by Strong, Sunshine Hotels, and deals with the initial clear out of unwanted people. The central character, Ross Bailey, is a middle manager in hotel operations working for Betta Hotels. It’s his job to help with the slaughter as well as trying to absorb 24 new (run down) hotels into his patch and keeping the whole lot afloat with virtually no help.

    The clear out is being run de facto by a socially insensitive female HR Director called Nicola Starling (Stalin) – a female Malcolm Tucker character.

    I have written this as 6 x 30 minute episodes, but as it is a comedy drama, not a sitcom, it can take any shape from a ‘one-off’ 2 hour drama through to the sitcom format.

    Please note the language is strong, so it would have to be post 9pm watershed. Production costs would be low as there are no sets as such, all action taking place in offices and hotels using hand held cameras.

    All the action in the first 6 episodes takes place in the UK but if there was a second series it could be made anywhere – it’s lined up for the Caribbean at the moment.

    I've attached Ep 1 for info but all 6 are available now.

    Any interest?


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