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The Merger - UK TV Sitcom or comedy Drama series available

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  • Feature The Merger - UK TV Sitcom or comedy Drama series available

    Hi. Is anyone interested in a UK style TV sitcom series in the style of 'The Thick of It'?

    The Merger (6 x 30 minute or as a longer comedy drama) is a hilarious sequential story and has bags of potential for further series. It has a pop at the brutality of the corporate world and its effects on a small group of survivors after a nasty corporate take over. Ross is a middle manager running a region of hotels for the predator company. When the brutal HR woman Nicola Starling (think a female Malcolm Tucker) sacks almost everybody, Ross is left to run the new hotels. With his deputy snapping at his heels, an unsympathetic wife, and colleagues out for themselves, Ross staggers from one disaster to another.

    N.B. This is all hand held cameras in existing office and hotel locations. Production costs would be low.

    Ep.1 – Ross has to go to the newly acquired head office to assist with the cull. He chickens out and goes spot checking hotels and manages to cause a strike when he swears at a receptionist. As most of the managers have been sacked Ross is forced by Nic Starling (Stalin) to eat humble pie to prevent the strike and save the company’s reputation.

    Ep.2 – Ross has to speak at a conference to the remaining senior hotel staff. During a break he talks to a man in the loo thinking he’s a hotel manager. The man is in fact at a wake. He tells the man the company is out to milk its customers. The man complains to Ross’ chairman. Ross has to work hard to prevent his indiscretion making the press and more humble pie has to be eaten.

    Ep.3 – Ross is told by his chairman he can’t have any budget to improve the grotty hotels. Instead he has to come up with a mission statement. He gathers his top team for a brainstorming session. After hours of ghastly ideas in desperation he plumps for a strap line used for a spreadsheets training course and just survives.

    Ep.4 – Ross is ordered to hold an ‘employee (slave) of the year’ dance for staff in which awards for best performers will be given. The company owner’s lecherous son (Andrew) will give out the prizes. The host (Dominique) is beautiful but, unbeknownst to Ross, is a self defence expert and feminist. Andrew tries it on with her and is caught on security camera as she hammers him. She uses the video to persuade Andrew’s father to give her Ross’ job. Ross is fired.

    Ep.5 – The company owner craps on them all by selling his business to US based predators. Stalin needs the video of Andrew’s misdemeanour to save her job, so she brings back Ross. Part of the business is retained and Ross is given the CEO’s job. He brings back his old crew and things look good.

    Ep.6 – A new company is acquired and Ross put in charge. It has lodges and Ross is given one to live in while managing the hotels. It turns out it was a knocking shop and randy men keep turning up there late at night. A reality TV crew makes a documentary and Ross is the star. All goes wrong when a bride is stuck in the lift and her wedding band’s stage collapses, all caught on camera. Stalin sends him a P&C envelope he’s forced to open on camera. We end with him reading the letter from HR laying out his fate.

    I've attached Ep 1 FYI. Please note I have the script for a 2 hour 'one off' comedy drama as an alternative. If you need further information just let me know.


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