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    Anyone interested in this? It's a UK style sitcom (7 x 30 minute episodes) having a pop at charity groups and is packed with really funny material, with bags of potential for more. 'Rotarian' type organisations haven’t been tackled yet in a sitcom – it’s time!

    This is a classic prime time family friendly sitcom, with fast banter, credible characters and situations. It’s fast paced like the classic Eric Chappell scripts. The number of sets is kept to a minimum to keep costs low. The story lines are strong and the characters quickly develop. There is potential for more episodes.

    Charles King (think Archie Glover) is a wealthy do-gooder. He owns the local biscuit factory. He runs a charity group all the members of which are his family except Roy Green (think Figgis), a fork lift driver / union rep from his factory. The rest of the group are; his wife (Bee), sister (Fran), brother in law (Joe), wife’s sister (Polly) and two junior managers from the factory (Bill and Judith). They all have their character flaws and hidden agendas.

    First two episodes synopses;

    Ep.1 – The group meets in the classiest hotel in town. One night Charles rubbishes everyone’s ideas. Roy rebels and threatens to start his own group. The others are just as fed up as Roy and secretly join Roy’s breakaway group.

    Ep. 2 - The breakaway group (Royal Order of Bisons) meet at the seediest pub in town with a skimming landlord and dodgy clientèle. Charles isn’t invited and feels left out so he blags his way into the meeting. He eventually is allowed to join as Roy’s deputy. Also allowed to join is a dosser that drinks in the pub (Kempy), a move they all hate (except Roy).

    I've uploaded these episodes FYI.


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