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  • Feature Comedy script set in Scotland for sale:

    I have the following comedy feature set in Scotland for sale. Please contact me a: dragonwood[at] if interested.

    Feature script: LOCH NUTZ BY Robert M .O’Hannon

    Genre: Comedy

    Log Line: A film composer on a last change assigned contends with the frenzy of a Scottish village’s desperate attempt to attract tourists by creating its own Loch Ness Monster.

    Synopsis: Dougie is a film composer who thinks he’s God’s gift to women, and the rest of the world. His success so far has kept growing up at bay, and his stoner pal Kevin helps keep him off the straight and narrow. But all this is about to change because his act is wearing thin on anyone and everyone who would hire him.

    When he is fired from a job he is sure he had in the bag, his life takes a dramatic turn downwards. No wants to hire him, and no woman wants to be with him. Even Monica, his loyal agent, has just about had it with him. But another client of Monica’s blows off a film composing job, and she is left with no choice but to plug Dougie in. The only problem is that the job requires him to go to Scotland, and Dougie doesn’t want to go.

    But Dougie’s Scottish grandmother intervenes and “gently” persuades him to do it. Dougie, Kevin in tow, arrives in the small village of Clacknaid, nestled besides Loch Nudd. The village has just lost its last business and the inhabitants, desperate for money, have just agreed to Owen's, the village conman, plan to attract tourists by creating their own version of the Loch Ness Monster.

    Unbeknownst to the villagers, there is a saboteur in their midst, Sir Kenneth Mac Nudd, whose family once owned the entire area and sees a chance for restoring the family empire if the plan fails. Complicating things further for Dougie is Una, Owen's daughter, whose immunity to his charms only fuel his attraction to her more. And Kevin’s pot fueled antics create more confusion and concern
    Faced with all of this, and a tight deadline for completing the work, will Dougie finish his project on time?

    Similar films – Saving Grace, The Water Horse, Local Hero

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    Hey robohannon i think you need to include some pages if you add in the script marketplace:


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      Thanks, Mark, will attend to that right away.