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  • Script for Sale: The Void

    My name is Russell Davis. I have written seven screenplays, published a book called Jersey, wrote three shorts, and sold my script Entitled to Michael Puccini. The film should start shooting in January. I have also worked as an entertainment journalist for G.O.O.D.S. magazine and was a producer's assistant on two films Senior Cut Day and The Butterfly Chasers.

    I'm posting here to see if any producer, or director is interested in purchasing or filming my feature script called The Void. It's a one location film set in an apartment. It has six characters, one being animated. The budget can be anywhere from 250,000 to 500,000 grand. It can probably be made for lower. Below is the log line and synopsis.

    Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Drama

    Log Line: A writer, down on his luck, injects himself with DMT so he can talk to inter Ė dimensional beings about whatís wrong with his life.

    Synopsis: John is a writer who hates his life. He lives at home with his Mother who continuously nags about his drinking problem. He canít stand his job due to all the disrespect he receives and his girlfriend is no better. She doesnít respect him and she always leaves him in last place. John believes the world is out to get him and he doesnít know why. This leads him to inject himself with DMT.

    He learned that if you take enough of this drug you can encounter inter Ė dimensional beings that will interact with you. Soon he experiences trips of the pleasuring kind until he meets The Worm. Soon after he gets attacked by his possessed Mother and has no choice but to kill her. He blames The Worm for what he had to do, but The Worm explains it isnít the culprit.

    John is informed that he is trapped in the Void; a place between reality and the trenches of the human mind. He doesnít know who to trust and he canít tell the difference between reality and fantasy. He must find a way to fight through his demons and escape The Void before it consumes him forever.

    The script contains strong violence, dark comedy, drug use, consumption of alcohol, gore, strong language, and strong sexual content.

    Similar films Ė Beetle Juice, Evil Dead, The Machinist, Secret Window, John Dies At The End

    The script is registered with the WGA. If interested please contact me via email xzilez26[at] The full script is attached.
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    Is this a feature? If so please update your post to show :)
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      Sorry about that. I've updated it in the post.


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        I've updated the script a little. Fixed the things I left over from the previous version. Hope you like it.


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          Updated the script. Tell me what you think!


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            The script has been recently updated.