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  • Suburbia

    Desperate housewives, hormonal teenagers, and role-playing fantasies run amok in suburbia in this comedy.

    Here’s the typical suburban community from hell. As hormonal teenagers and over-sexed adults carry out their secret agendas, they’re spied on by their neighbors. Raucous behavior runs rampant on the streets, while role-playing fantasies are consummated behind closed doors. This all culminates into one huge, hilarious climax. It would make a great date flick.

    “Suburbia” is a low to medium budget feature comedy. There are 122 pages. The project requires mainly ordinary suburban houses with minimal set requirements. They are set close together on the same street. Fifteen major characters will be required: two middle-aged men, three middle aged women, a teenaged boy and girl, an older man and woman, a middle-aged African American couple, three pre-adolescent children, and a young man. The comedy is situation based, rather than one-liners. This is designed for wide audience appeal. The original theme song is attached to this project. The screenplay is derived from an excerpt of my novel, Suburbia.
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