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    Log-Line: Super star Organized Crime Prosecutor Alan Bell is exposed to toxic chemicals and forced to live near death, in a bubble for eight agonizing years. Upon emerging from his self imposed prison, Alan has acquired a “sixth sense”, which he uses to take down over one hundred corporate polluters, finally avenging his exposure to lethal elements that had placed him on deaths doorstep.

    Alan Bell has beaten F. Lee Baily in court, put Panamanian General Manuel Noriega in prison and taken down scores of mafia and cartel bosses. He decides to retire from and prosecutor’s office and starts to work in Miami at a legal firm in the private sector. At this new job Alan is exposed to toxic chemicals.

    Over a period of several months Alan experiences vertigo, respitory, cardiac and gastro intestinal disorders. His wife pushes him to get medical counsel. This starts the beginning of hundreds of tests, with no significant conclusion as to why Alan is sick.

    Eventually Alan has a medical meltdown and his boss decides that Alan needs to take a sick leave. Alan’s testing intensifies and he is pegged with “Multiple Immune Deficiency Disorder”.

    Alan’s wife forces him to move out into an Immune Deficiency Center that turns out to be more like a zombie refugee camp. Alan calls his brother and begs to get him out of the center.

    Alan’s brother Bobby, gets him out of the medical facility and secures an “environmentally safe house” fondly called “the bubble”. The bubble is sixty miles out in the middle of Arizona nowhere.

    While languishing for eight years in the environmentally safe bubble house, Alan fights his medical demons including; fiber –myalgia, vertigo, skin hives, respiratory issues, cardiac fluctuation, sensory depravation and depression.

    Alan calls upon non traditional medicine to help cure him, but only finds hucksters and is also rebuffed from Native American Medicine men who do not want to use their tribal medicine to help a white man.

    Alan engages a private investigator to dig up dirt on Mafia and Cartel foes that may have wanted to “poison” him in revenge for executing his State Prosecutorial duties.

    During this time Alan’s sister also passes away and his wife divorces him, abandoning Alan’s eight-year-old daughter, Ashlee as well. Ashlee moves in with Alan and becomes a friend, confidant, mother and secretary for her ailing father.

    Alan’s days are living agony, and his dreams while sleeping are tortured nightmares.
    Alan contemplates suicide and renounces god for the pain and suffering he endures.

    Alan decides to fight back and from his sick bed organizes and a national environmental summit with fifty top American scientists, physicists and planetary gurus. He organizes it and holds it at the Biosphere two in Tucson Arizona. Alan sends the opening ceremony statements on videotape from his sick bed in the bubble.

    Ashlee attends the scientific summit and meets the group of lecturing scientists. She implores them to help find a cure for her father’s sickness.

    The scientists send Alan to a doctor using experimental drugs and new medical technology. Doctor Seastrunk finds lesions on Alan’s brain, which have been causing seizures in his bio systems. He offers Alan a dangerous new drug that has killed hypersensitive patients in trials. Alan agrees to take the drug but drags his heels for over a week. After a spiritual awakening he decides to take the drug.

    While building his tolerance for the drug Alan has an epiphany and realizes that the true “bad guys” for him were not the mafia and cartels he had prosecuted but the corporations who were killing human beings with man made chemicals.

    The medication revives Alan’s immune system and he moves to Los Angeles. Alan joins a new law firm taking on environmental cases

    During this time Alan finds he has a highly developed “sixth sense”, which allows him to see and taste toxic chemicals in the air, water and soil. Using this super power, Alan takes on corporate polluters winning landmark environmental lawsuits. Alan’s name and legend grows, as he becomes an ecological celebrity.

    While taking on a case, Alan discovers individuals had become ill from a building that had unseen toxins. In the course of his investigative work Alan discovers it was the same Building Company that built the offices where he originally got sick in Miami.

    A well-known law firm is hell bent on protecting their billionaire clients from the anarchist environmentalist Alan Bell. The firm also has distain for Alan as a legal adversary as he went to law school at University of Miami aka “Sun Tan U”. His legal opponents come from top Ivy League schools.

    After using his sixth sense and executing strong investigative work, Alan uses his legal opponent’s hubris to his advantage and crushes them in court with technique, passion and common sense, finally setting the score for his clients and himself.

    The End