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  • Industry Standard Script Coverage!

    2 Best Screenplay Awards
    Quarter-finalist in National Screenwriting Competition
    3 Commissions
    5+ Productions
    1 Film in distribution
    MFA in Screenwriting

    Finally finished that script. Not sure what's next.
    Friends keep telling you they'll read it and give you feedback but they never get around to it.
    They love it but can't explain why.
    They're confused or bored but don't want to hurt your feelings.
    You've sent it out but nothing's happening.

    I get it.

    I've learned from experience that the best thing you can do for yourself is invest in meaningful, professional feedback. Someone who's job is to help you out.

    I do script coverage because I love reading, analyzing, and helping fellow writers.

    I do it because professional script coverage writers--strangers, not friends, not family, not random connections, but people whose job it is to be real with me--are the reason I've had any success in this business at all.

    I charge a fee because it takes time.

    $1 page. That's it.

    You're going to spend that money somewhere else anyway. Coffee or parking or stamps or something.

    Just once, put it towards something that matters more to you than that one silly thing you want right now. Some crap at Target or whatever. You know what I'm talking about.

    Email me first via CL. Tell me what you got. I'll get back to you with my personal contact info and let you know how long it'll take to send back your coverage--longer or shorter, depending on the length of the current queue.

    Best of luck.