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"A Happy Lie" LGBTQ comedy

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  • "A Happy Lie" LGBTQ comedy

    Logline: A homophobic man arrives home to find himself in a gay marriage.

    Hollis Blot, a short sighted, simple man, lives every day in convention with his wife, Sonny and young twins, Lenny and Penny. After a hard day at the construction site and being turned away from seeing his convalescent father, he comes home to find that his wife is now a hairy, muscular man. Thinking Sonny is playing a joke; he begins to investigate his marriage, leading him to question whether reality is a benefit or a burden.

    Number of pages: 13 pages

    Setting(s): 2 locations (house or apartment and construction or work site)

    Actor requirements (with descriptions): Male (20's - 40's), Female (20's - 40's), M/F (ages 6 - 12). 2 smaller parts male or female.

    I can send the full script upon request.

    B. Self