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    I am a screenwriter located in San Diego, California. I am looking to sale or option my supernatural/drama script "The Awakening of Myra Thomas." It is a full feature length film in the genre of Sci-fi - Fantasy - Supernatural/Horror. It appeals to wide audiences age range of 20 - 60 years old.. This movie is filled with thrills, suspense, drama and mystical supernatural events that help move the plot along with no dull moments. It can be done with a budget of 1.5 million to 5 million. I am asking minimum of 100,000.00 for the script. I am also willing to option the film out for a small fee of $25,000.00 and ten percent of gross sales.

    Logline: After escaping her brutal slave masters and killed. Myra, a female Negro slave awakens into the body of Karen, a modern day white woman. Karen mysteriously experiences the same brutal beatings, rape's and emotional disturbance as Myra did more than a century ago. Karen sets out on a daunting quest to get her normal life back, while Myra struggles to adjust to her strange new environment.

    To learn more about this film project visit. All interested investors or buyers can also email me at ramonafr020[at]


    “The Awakening of Myra Thomas”

    It is in the midst of the ruthless slave trade during the early eighteen hundreds. MYRA THOMAS, a Negro slave woman and her long time love JOHNNY LEE, set out on a daring escape into the wooded vacant area near their master’s plantation. After a night of running fiercely in the intense heat they are soon captured and killed by lynching.

    It is in the middle of the night in the present. Suddenly, KAREN BURNS, a professional white lady starts screaming. Her husband DONALD BURNS jumps up and immediately wakes Karen up. Karen frantically tells her husband that she had been raped by a faceless man that was threatening to kill her. The next day Karen is mysteriously being followed by a strange black woman in early American historical clothing.

    Soon after this Karen experiences bizarre bloody beatings from an invisible force. Karen is told by her husband, sons and co-workers that she has been blacking out, forgetting who they are and walking around talking in a strange southern dialect.

    Visits to her family doctor and psychiatrist gives Karen no relief.. Karen reluctantly visits SHEILA BRADFORD, a psychic. Sheila tells Karen that she is remembering experiences from her past life as Myra, a Negro slave. Karen’s condition becomes so mentally disturbing that most of the time she no longer remembers her present day identity. She is soon committed into a mental hospital. More than a year passes before Sheila Bradford is able to convince Myra, that she has a new body and a new identity. After being released from the mental hospital Karen’s conscious memory soon returns briefly. The psychic Sheila, convinces Karen to return to the land Myra died on more than a century ago in order to finally free herself from her agonizing condition.
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      Thanks for reminding me to read the rules. I was very excited that you had a script market place. I did everything the rules said except for adding the attachment. When I went to update my post in order to add the additional information required, their was no where for me t add the attachment. Your video shows you how when you first create the new post but not after post has already been created and posted. So I can't figure how to add the attachment now unless I just recreate a new post and add an attachment. I would greatly appreciate if you would email me back and advise me on what to do.