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Rules - must read

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  • Rules - must read


    These sections are for our new Script Marketplace, please respect the RULES!

    #1 - You MUST have a estimated price range for your script or % base of budget.

    #2 - You MUST have at least one (7) pages attached in your sale: See here to learn how to attach files

    #3 - You MUST have at least 100 words to describe your script, this does include a log line and synopsis - Use title of your script in the "Title:"

    #4 Do not delete your entire post if its sold or no longer available -

    You may update your post by clicking "Update Post" and adding in some extra text, for example:
    or (UPDATE: No Longer Available)

    #5 You may not link to other sites, sale or deal must occur on this forum (not on ebay)

    #6 No advertising/commercial/business opportunities, this is a marketplace for scripts and scripts only, do not market your services here

    Tips for the new Script Marketplace

    We understand that FilmmakerForum.org doesn't have millions of views a day yet, but don't be discouraged from posting an item for sale, posting your script in will get indexed by search engines and you can possibly get additional traffic from that, you can share your link of your script to lead people to learn more about your content. Think of this as topic as your own website. Just post your script and leave it, see if anyone bites (you can always add SOLD) when you want.
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    Is that estimated price range the cost of the script or the budget?


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      Originally posted by Patrick Wiley View Post
      Is that estimated price range the cost of the script or the budget?
      Great question, I have updated the terms
      Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue