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Is the setting for my script realistic?

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  • Is the setting for my script realistic?

    Iíve written a horror screenplay, 72 pages, about tourists that crash land their tour helicopter on a Mesa (small tabletop plateau) in Mťxico. They are trapped on the Mesa as it is basically inaccessible from the ground, and little do they know a predatory creature that evolved independently of the outside world on the Mesa is thirsting for human flesh. The Mesa is covered in thick, dense tropical jungle, as well as containing a network of cave systems. Is the Mexican Mesa Iíve created in my script believable enough do you think?
    All opinions are welcome, thanks!

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    My impression is that mesas are usually dry, rather than jungle. Maybe just avoid calling it that.
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      It is okay in my opinion, maybe you should make it into a sci fi movie, if you wanna go on with the horror genre try to develop the fear element on other things beside the landscape


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        Good point Mara, thanks for the tip. Plateau probably.
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          Hadelije Productions, I believe you have misunderstood. The fear element is the monster (which I have yet to give a name), and the location only ADDS to the fear.
          This is because:
          1. A tabletop plateau/Mesa is isolated so basically no way to escape.
          2. Being trapped in a relatively small, claustrophobic area (Thick jungle no clearings) with a monster is scary.

          This question was simply more geared towards the location because of my attention to detail. In reality it isnít complicated, just a small jungle plateau. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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