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Stephen King's Dollar Babies.

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  • Stephen King's Dollar Babies.

    I am not sure how many if any of you have heard about Stephen King's Dollar Babies. Basically Mr. King has several short stories that he is willing to allow student filmmakers to adapt a script from. You pay him $1 for the rights to do this. However the film can not be use for commercial gain. It is basically for demo reels, film festivals or school projects. You are only allowed to show a total of 2 minutes of the film online via channels such as Facebook, Youtube etc. As with anything you have to pick a story and write Mr. King to get his permission to adapt the film.

    Information can be seen at Dollar Baby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The list of the short stories that can be adapted can be seen here: - Dollar Babies

    Good luck and happy filming,
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    Wow, great info there! Thanks for the post!
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      No problem I am going to pick one of the stories myself. I think it will be a great way to get some recognition if done right.


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        I have submitted my request to do one of the Dollar Babies. I will keep you guys informed of how the process goes and if I get approval.


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          Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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            It took 3 Business Days to hear back from Stephen King's administrative assistant on my request to make a Dollar Baby Film. I am happy to say I have been approved and they emailed me my contract to sign and return with my $1.

            Now the waiting begins. It can take two weeks or more to get the final approval letter in the mail from them.


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              Photos of the contract!!!


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                Awesome, Jeff! Good luck!
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                  Another update on the Dollar Baby process. I received word today from Stephen King's Staff Administrative Assistant that Dollar Babies CAN NOT be funded via Indiegogo, Kickstarter or any other fund raising site. So basically you have to spend your own money or find lots of people willing to help the project.


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                    Received my final confirmation email today, I am clear to begin working on this project. If you'd like more details about my movie Chirophobia you can check out All and all the process was pretty easy from start to finish for approval.

                    Here is a short recap of the steps:

                    1. Check - Dollar Babies for a list of stories and to fill out the email request for approval.

                    2. Wait for the initial contract to arrive via email. Mine took 3 business days.

                    3. Sign the contract and get it notarized, then snail mail it back to the address.

                    4. Wait for final approval. This came via an email on the 7th business day for me. They say it can take up to two weeks so be prepared to wait. I am sure the physical contract will arrive in the next day or so.

                    5. Start your project! Remember you can't use Kickstarter or Indiegogo to fund it. You can not do anything that would remotely look like you are doing it commercially.

                    Good Luck Everyone!
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