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    Greetings. My name is Doug Shear and I wanted to introduce myself to the Group. Along with my collaborator, Micki Selvitella, I am developing a Chinese screenplay, set in current day Suzhou, China. We plan to have the film produced in China and distributed worldwide.
    As a short background, both Micki and I have had a fascination with China since we were children. When I was 14, I painted my room red and gold and filled it with Chinese statues, to the dismay of my parents. At the University of Florida I took classes in Chinese culture. I was fortunate enough to travel to Taiwan several years ago on business. My Chinese hosts were open and warm, fun and funny. So in general, I am completely unqualified to write a Chinese screenplay without Micki. I found her through the International Screenwriters Association and discovered an amazing talent.
    Micki Selvitella is an accomplished writer/director who did her Fulbright Fellowship in Taiwan, as well as independent research on the Mainland. She is well-versed in the customs and culture, having studied them for most of her life. She maintains contacts in Taiwan and China, and continues to study Mandarin and Tai Chi.

    For now, if anyone has any questions, comments or advice, let us know here or contact us directly. We are both on several social media sites, and will soon have a YouTube Channel, Facebook Fan Page, website, and more.

    My email is dougshear[at]