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  • Perceptions of a Fool - Short

    Hello good people.

    I'm a South African screenwriter looking to build up my resume and as such I've recently been on a mission to write 10 short scripts in the next 3 months.

    I currently have 2 feature scripts under option and one short in production.

    Are there any directors or producers in the market for an amazing short - 15 pages. Title: Perceptions of a Fool.
    Logline: On his deathbed, a lonely old man is given flashes of his life by the angel of death and a realization that he was to blame for his dead wife's controlling personality.

    The story explores perception. How we don't see how simple statements or actions that we perceive as innocent affects the other in a completely different way. Its been very well received and has gotten some fantastic reviews.

    If there are serious people on this forum I'm willing to let you shoot the script for free. As I said, its my mission to build my resume.

    I'm currently wrapping up another short - Daddy's Little Girl which is a fun and sexy short. Logline: When a deserving workaholic is turned down for a promotion because of a sabotaged application, his teenage daughter sets a devious plan in motion to get his rival fired and her father the promotion he deserves. Will be available by Monday.

    If you are in need of a writer for one of your own shorts, again I'd be willing to help for free.