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Seeking to buy low budget horror script

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  • Seeking to buy low budget horror script

    I found a script. Thanks everyone.
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    Theres lots of screenwriters on here. Before I notify them about this, do you mind posting what your budget or plan is? Will you buy the script, or will you produce it? There is about 70 subscribed to the email list for "writer" updates and I only want to respect them before I send a notification out. :)

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      I will produce the movie. Budget depends on the script. Don't want to put the carriage in front of the horse. My last movie was a 500k budget.


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        low budget horror script


        I just saw your lead. If you are still interested, I have two feature length low budget and limited location horror scripts. Pls email me at gchioni[at]


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          Are you looking for a lots of gore script, or one that has great characters with periodic blood and guts?

          "Angie Baby: Angie and Kevin are a white trash couple who live off stealing, and selling crap at their daily garage sale. On her 30th B'day, a feeling of uselessness overwhelms Angie. She decides she's going to record "Charley" the love song she's written. The fact she can't sing or play guitar does not deter her. When her recording is mocked by a local Christian musician, Angie kidnaps and tortures her till she agrees to help Angie record her love song to Charley Manson.

          This script contains a great original game that's sure to become a standard at every horror themed party. :eek:


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            If you need a composer, I happen to know a good one :)
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              I have a low budget script entitled the Graver. I have post on here Script for Sale The Graver. If Intrest me on yahoo: mrpdhouse


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                Found Footage Script Available


                Just came across your posting and thought you might be interested in a found footage horror script I recently completed with a writing partner.

                Entitled "Road Kill", (with an alternate title "The Last Barbecue"), here's the logline: An opinionated, redneck reality show chef travels to a struggling, rural Texas restaurant to dish out advice to keep the place alive, but the chef and his crew find the restaurant owners' exotic tastes may put them next on the menu. Think "Kitchen Nightmares" meets "Sweeney Todd".

                Minimal cast and locations. Novel twist on found footage. Hit me back if you want to see a PDF of the script.

                Thanks for our time.


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                  Great thread, this was a fun read


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                    Logline: Just as Jason Vorhees has come and gone. A new killer has awaken to bring terror to anyone who comes into his neck of the woods.

                    Query: A group of college kids head to a secluded spot in the mountians for the weekend to get away from the everyday life of school. What they didn't know, is there has been a killer lurking in that area for years waiting for new prey. They come across a grave yard of three wooden crosses, showing them no respect. Only to awaken an evil they've never seen before. An evil that won't stop until the trespassers have had their last breath. With every death a cross is added and the crosses just keep adding up. What started out to be a weekend getaway, has become a nightmare. A nightmare that no one can escape.


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                      Two scripts you might be interested in. The first you could easily make for 500,000 the second I'd recommend 750k to 1.5 million.

                      Title: YAUM: Youth Anti-Undead Militia

                      Logline: Be Prepared, for the Undead

                      Pitch: Today preparing for the zombie apocalypse is a popular hobby. For all but the most nutty people this is simply for fun, but what if zombies were real, and zombie preparedness was a part of every day life? YAUM explores this very question in a hilarious horror comedy. The YAUM or Youth Anti Undead Militia is a group similar to the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, with the notable difference that their main focus is containing zombie outbreaks. Ben is the senior patrol leader of Squad 156, a YAUM squad full of dysfunctional teen age misfits. When a zombie outbreak happens near his home town Ben has no choice but to take charge of his Squad in a life or death struggle with the undead.

                      Title: Blood Trench

                      Logline; No Axis, No Allies, just prey.

                      Pitch: D-Day 1944, a squad of paratroopers land well off course. Fortunately for them they are quickly found by the Roberge family, local resistance fighters. The resistance supplies them with intel about the area. Lieutenant Shipman notes an area devoid of German patrols. Roberge warns against choosing this course. He claims that the area has the remains of trenches from the first world war. It is not patrolled because German soldiers would be found there, murdered and mutilated by an unknown assailant. The resistance was not responsible for these actions and the locals believe the killings in those trenches are from something inhuman. Undeterred, the paratroopers ignore the warnings of the resistance and enter the trenches. Will any make it out alive?